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Photograph of the YL listening room (late 60 s to early 70 s?)

This is the composition of the trial listening room that YL Audio had in Akihabara.
The location at that time is the 6th floor of Shinsuehiro Building located at 3-14-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and the building still exists as of 2013. Regarding the configuration, it seems that this configuration was chosen because there were many requests to listen to the low-sound horn speaker and listen to the configuration of MB-70 horn and D-75000 which are rarely seen in other places.

Speaker part
It is a 5-way system of all-horn configuration.
We have manufactured a concrete horn with an effective length of 7m for the ultra low band and drive it with D-1250. Each band uses a 5-digit D series of YL sound. It uses D-18000 for the high band, D-35000 and EL-1000 horns for the middle and high band, D-55000 and EL-250L horns for the middle and low band, and D75000 and MB-70 horns for the low band.

Amplifier section
It is a multi-amplifier configuration using an NFB-less pre-amplifier including a channel divider. The channel divider divides only the ultra-low band and the rest of the band is divided by an LC-type network.
Two MACTONE MK-III power amplifiers are used for each channel.

Record player part
The record player hollows out a hole in a wooden block (105 mm thick), the motor is raised with a sponge and fixed with glue, and the arm is attached to a lead disk with a base, which is also raised with a sponge and fixed with glue.
It seems that DL-103 etc. was used for the cartridge.

Tape deck part
A-7030 of TEAC is used for the deck, but the output of the head is directly input to the preamplifier without using the built-in head amplifier.