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CD changer that can store 7 CDs.

It is a double CD loading structure with a single tray and a 6-piece performance magazine, and single performance is possible even with the 6-piece performance magazine set.
It is equipped with various functions such as total 32 songs program of 7 pieces of top and bottom, repeat, introscan, random performance, etc.

The 6-piece performance magazine uses a multi-tray system to prevent scratches on the signal surface.
There is also a transparent window on the front that allows you to see at a glance how many disks are loaded.

Equipped with a 20-key direct music selection function, you can easily select music with only disc keys and music selection keys.

Equipped with a large graphic display that shows the setting status of 7 disks.

High-precision 3-beam pickup is used for the pickup part.
Vibration and resonance are also reduced by the vibration-resistant floating IS mechanism and heavy weight double chassis.

Equipped with 2 x oversampling digital filter.

Wireless remote control is included.

Model Rating
Type CD Player
Frequency characteristic 5 Hz to 20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.004% (1 kHz, EIAJ)
Dynamic range 95 dB (1 kHz, EIAJ)
Signal-to-noise ratio 98 dB (Digital 0, EIAJ)
Wow flutter Measurement limit value or less
Output level (full scale) 2.0Vrms(FIX)
D/A conversion 16-bit straight line
Other 32-track random program
Disk Number and Track Number
Skip music number
Manual search (remote control 2 speed)
Repeat (all songs and programs)
Random play
Random intro play
Timer play
Terminal Analog output terminal : 1 system
Headphone port with volume (remote control supported)
Subcode output terminal
Synchro terminal
GND terminal
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
External dimensions Width 435x Height 110x Depth 321 mm
Weight 7.5kg
Attachment Wireless Remote Control RM-SX700
Sold Separately 6-piece performance magazine XC-M70 (¥ 2,500)