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This floor-type speaker system was developed as the flagship model of the Victor Speaker.

A 22 cm oblicorn type woofer is installed in the low range.
The diaphragm of this unit uses a Kurt Mueller cone and an oblique cone structure in which the driving point is located off-center to disperse resonance and realize smooth characteristics.

A 14.5 cm oblicorn type squaker is mounted in the middle area.
As in the case of the woofer, an oblique cone structure with an off-center driving point is adopted, and a gold-plated metal diaphragm is used to improve the mid-range characteristics.

A 1.9 cm dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.
The diaphragm uses pure gold plating, aluminum dome, and realizes natural overtone and ultrasonic band regeneration.

All units use Victor's original Alnico magnetic circuit.

Oxygen-free copper wire is used for wiring in the network section.
In addition, the input terminal for the banana plug uses a brass machined terminal with gold plating.

In order to achieve sound like a full-range unit despite being 3-way, a uni-frame structure using brass is adopted for the baffle.
In the uniframe structure, each unit is directly mounted on the frame as close as possible to achieve a natural sound field. In addition, ribs are provided for resonance dispersion, and six front and eight back screws are fixed to the cabinet, greatly improving the S/N ratio and sound image density.

The cabinet is made of rosewood, a choice of dozens of wood trees, which is extremely expensive and difficult to process. Traditionally used only for high-end furniture, it has a specific gravity of 1 and is tough.
Dozens of prototype cabinets have been assembled into slim, tall, tapered cabinets with minimal odor, enabling clear sound localization and rich, bright bass reproduction.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Floor Type
Unit For low band : 22 cm oblicorn type
For Medium Range : 14.5 cm Oblicorn Type
For high-pass : 1.9 cm dome type
Rated impedance 4 Ω
Rated Input (JIS) 45W
Maximum Input (EIAJ) 180W
Frequency characteristic 30 Hz to 80 kHz
Crossover frequency 320 Hz, 6.5 kHz
Output sound pressure level 89dB/W/m
External dimensions Width 322x Height 1,071x Depth 395 mm
Weight 45kg