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This is a large speaker system developed with the utmost technology and know-how to combine the resolution of the Zero Series with the sound field of the SX Series.

Alnico magnet is used for the magnetic circuit of all units.
Alnico is an alloy composed of nickel, cobalt, iron, aluminum, etc., and has excellent magnetic properties with a conductivity of more than 200 times and a magneto-resistance of about 1/4 compared to ferrite magnets. By this, the counter-electromotive current generated in the voice coil is strongly canceled, and a faithful response to the input signal is produced.
In addition, the pot-type internal magnetic circuit, which realizes high magnetic flux and low leakage from the structure itself, acquires stronger drive energy.

A 31.5 cm cone type woofer is installed in the low range.
The diaphragm of this unit uses a new structure of fine cross-carbon cone that completely reduces the physical property degradation caused by epoxy binder.

An 8 cm dome type skoker using fine diamond ceramics is mounted in the middle area.
In this unit, we succeeded for the first time in converting a large diameter dome with a diameter of 6.5 cm into a pure fine ceramic, and at the same time, by coating this base substrate with amorphous diamond, we have achieved high sound velocity over a wide band.

A 3-cm dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.
The diaphragm of this unit is made of pure diamond ceramics with thin film coating of crystal diamond on alumina polycrystal fired dome. It realizes the highest level of propagation sound speed of 11,000m/sec. and the upper limit frequency characteristic is expanded to 2.24 times that of titanium.

The frame of all units is made of high-rigidity round solid aluminum die-cast material with no meat escaping, and mounting to the baffle board is also carefully and evenly tightened to reduce harmful vibrations.

In order to avoid interference and adverse effects of vibration, the network section uses a 3-division configuration with high input resistance and low distortion rate network. In addition, the devices are connected by a caulking method that reduces sound quality degradation, and OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire is used as wiring material.
In addition, in order to prevent mutual interference between units due to the counter-electromotive current generated by the input, we have adopted a bi-wire-capable terminal that independently inputs low-range and middle-range signals.

The cabinet is made of Karamatsu, a conifer with high rigidity and excellent damping characteristics, the front baffle is made of 38 mm thick plywood, and the front and rear double super elliptical baffles improve directivity and opening characteristics.
The cabinet was designed using Victor's original sound intensity method. The cabinet was designed with a detailed examination of the direction and intensity of sound waves emitted from speakers in the actual room. The optimum mounting position of each speaker unit was determined and the G line unit arrangement was completed.
In addition, the cabinet has a floor-type shape that can expand the internal volume to improve the quality of the low frequency range, and the internal structure has a reinforced structure with less harmful split vibration by modal analysis to improve the sound quality.

The sound absorbing material inside uses 100% wool, which generates less noise due to vibration.

(c) The RUNNET uses a frame shape with less acoustic reflection and a magnet catch system Saran board with no concave part to reduce the disturbance of radiation characteristics.

There was a specially designed speaker stand that was sold separately.
This stand is a solid combination of compressed laminated beech plywood and is also designed with a commercially available coin-shaped base for fine tuning of sound quality under various installation conditions.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 3-Speaker, Airtight System, Floor Type
Unit For low band : 31.5 cm cone type
For Middle Area : 8 cm Dome Type
For High Pass : 3 cm Dome Type
Impedance 4 Ω
Maximum allowable input 150W
300W (instantaneous maximum)
Frequency characteristic 25 Hz to 50 kHz
Crossover frequency 400 Hz, 5 kHz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
External dimensions Width 550x Height 807x Depth 376 mm
Weight 68.0kg
Sold separately : Speaker Stand LS-1000 (1 set of 2, ¥ 100,000)
External dimensions Width 538x Height 113x Depth 325
Weight 5.5kg