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A speaker system employing a coaxial planar structural unit.

The unit uses a 24 cm planar coaxial 2-way speaker unit, which provides excellent sound localization and flat frequency characteristics.
The woofer part is a flat type using pure cross carbon diaphragm. High efficiency is realized by strong magnetic circuit of double magnet structure, and magnetic shielding design is realized by installing magnetic shield.
In addition, a newly developed mica epoxy material is used for the flat vibration plate of the tweeter section, samarium-cobalt magnet is used for the magnet, and heat radiation fins are provided for high input resistance and high power linearity.

High-purity LC-OFC (linear crystal / oxygen-free copper) is used for the internal wiring material, and metalized polypropylene capacitors with excellent high-frequency characteristics are used for the network section.

The enclosure uses a bass reflex system and an all-round baffle to reduce the diffraction effect of sound waves at the end of the enclosure.

There was a speaker stand SH-B70 which was designed for SB-RX70/SB-RX50 separately sold.
This stand is supported by a 4-point strut system with minimum area and minimum reflection. In addition, BMC material with high rigidity and internal loss is used for reinforcement between struts and speaker system base, and beech material is used for strut and base to suppress unnecessary vibration.

Model Rating
Method 2-way, 2-speaker, bass reflex system, bookshelf type, magnetic protection design
Units Used All Band : 24 cm Coaxial Type
For Low Band : 24 cm Flat Type
For High Frequency : 2.8 cm Flat Type
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 48 kHz -16dB
Crossover frequency 2.2kHz
Impedance 6 Ω
Output sound pressure level 89dB/W/m
Allowable input 160W(MUSIC)
External dimensions Width 300x Height 480x Depth 282 mm (w / Net)
Weight 16.5kg
Sold separately : Speaker Stand SH-B70 (1 set of 2, ¥ 40,000)
External dimensions Width 350x Height 365x Depth 308 mm
Weight 5.5kg