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Technics c
600,000 yen(around the 1981 time)

The PCM cassette recorder which unified an advanced electronic-circuitry technology and video-tape mechanism.

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation: pulse code translation) is adopted as a sound-recording scheme.
At PCM, the original sound wave is changed and recorded on the signal of a binary digit in the it1 of a sampling -> quatization -> it1. The failure is suppressed by changing to the signal which has simplified the complicated music signal by this.
With this recording-in-PCM scheme, it does not generate, but modulation distortion and a wow and flutter realize the flat frequency characteristic, a reduction of a large dynamic range and higher-harmonic distortion, etc., and make the high-definition Recording play possible.

By the stream composition which unified the PCM processor and VTR, recording in PCM and a play are easily possible.
Moreover, since signal register form is based on "EIAJ" specification, it has the recording-in-PCM system and interchangeability of this specification.

Two large-scale LSI is adopted as PCM digital signal processing.
MN6601 is LSI for a sound recording which accumulated about 10,000 elements, adds error detecting code and a correction sign to the digital data which was carried out as for A? D conversion, and sends them as a video data.
Moreover, MN6602 is LSI for a play which accumulated about 15,000 elements, performs composite-izing of the reproduced PCM digital signal, and bug fixing, and supplies them to a digital analog converter as a serial data.

Exclusive LSI is developed and adopted in A/D, the D-A conversion, or the off-site logic circuitry.
micro-disk6192 is carried in MA6183 and a digital analog converter at the analog-to-digital converter, and it was developed by the hardness thin-film-IC technology and the precision trimming technology.
Moreover, off-site logic circuitries, such as a timing generator circuit of A/D and a D/A converter, have realized 1 chip-ization using the high-speed and high-density IIL by original new process development. It is a large-scale bipolar large-scale integrated circuit called the gate number 1100 [ about ] accelerated using the shot key composite at the buffer part with the exterior using the high-density product line by two layers of aluminum.

The tapes operation control part investigated facility and the control intensive design by full logic control is used for it.
The right-and-left standalone version is adopted as a recording-level coordination. Moreover, the fader of right-and-left[ one ]-izing which can perform fade-in/fadeout easily is carried.
Moreover, if the ff key is pressed, pressing the play key, a tape speed moves forward by 8X, and a queue control is possible for it. If the rew key is pressed, pressing the play key similarly, it retreats by 8X and a review control is possible.

If the jump function which jumps over a play garbage is carried and a jump mark lever is turned ON, a jump multiple asynchronously communicating hosts is recorded only in the meantime, it will jump over the fraction henceforth automatically, and it will begin a play.
Moreover, if a clear lever is pushed and it reproduces, a jump multiple-asynchronously-communicating-hosts signal will be eliminated.

The search function which discovers the arbitrary location of a tapes is carried.
If a searchmark lever is lowered at the time of a Recording play, a search multiple asynchronously communicating hosts will be recorded on a tapes. If the one push of the lever is carried out, a search multiple asynchronously communicating hosts will be automatically recorded for 70 seconds, light emitting diode lights up, if the search key is pressed, it will become a queue control mode automatically, and a tapes stops in the location marked automatically.
Moreover, if the play key is pressed after pressing the search key, it will go into a play status automatically from the location of a search multiple asynchronously communicating hosts.
This multiple asynchronously communicating hosts is also eliminable by pushing a clear lever like jump mark and reproducing.

The locate functionality which can take out arbitrary locations with a memory operation of a tape counter and the locate key is carried.
If the button of the locate section is made into a memory location, the counter location in the time point will be recorded and memory will be carried out, a tapes will stop in the counter location in the case of ff or rew. Furthermore, if the play key is pressed, pressing the key of ffrew, it will be in a play status from a memory location automatically.

The liquid crystal tape counter and the peak level indicator are carried.
The play data check functionality which the quality of a peek hold or a using tapes understands at a glance is carried in the level indicator.

The digital in/out termination in which digital dubbing is possible is carried.

The termination for a remote control and the microphone input plug on either side are carried.

A timer sound recording is possible.

Large-scale Mechanism
VHS tapes one mechanism
Large-scale LSI
A/D, a D/A converter and LSI for off-site circuitries

Rating of a mode
Form Digital-audio cassette recorder
PCM specification An EIAJ stereo technical committee and the video-technology committee file
It is based on STC-007" noncommercial use PCM encoder decoder."
Quatization 14-bit linear line
Composite-izing 14-bit linear line
Using tapes VHS specification video cassette
Tape recording system The PCM signal which carried out NTSC TV conversion to signals is recorded based on VHS specification.
Sound-recording time A maximum of 2 hours (at the time of a NV-T120E using)
The number of audio channels 2ch (L/R stereo)
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20kHz±0.5dB
THD 0.01% or less (1kHz, 0dB)
Dynamic range 86dB or more
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 30mV (-15dB) / 50kohm
Mic: 0.7mV (-15dB)/600ohms
Digital: 1 Vp-p/75ohms (video-system format)
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 400mV
Digital: 1 Vp-p/75ohms (video-system format)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 80W
Dimensions Width 430x height 278x depth of 346mm
Weight 21kg