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Technics SL-PS770D 59,800yen (around the 1998 time)

The compact disk player which carries virtual battery operation and the S-advanced MASH class A DAC.

The S-advanced MASH class A DAC is carried in the digital analog converter.
This circuitry consists of 3LSI which used S-advanced MASH and two PWM output ICs, and builds the 4th noise shaping circuitry and the digital demphasis circuitry in the conventional advanced MASH in the MASH section.
moreover, by having 3 chip stream compositions of LSI, the separation of the PWM output IC of MASH section LSI and each L/R channel was carried out, the influence of a digital noise was avoided, and the crosstalk between channels is improved.
Furthermore, it is having adopted Class A DAC as a D-A-conversion part, and changing the PWM output unit into Bipolar from conventional C-MOS,The occurrence of the penetration electric current by the abrupt change of the electric current in the changing point of pulse shape was reduced, and the occurrence of overshooting on a PWM wave or a under shoot is controlled. By this, the peak value of the pulse was stabilized and the ideal PWM wave is realized.
Furthermore, the clock Jitter is reduced by arranging a crystal oscillator near the digital analog converter.

In order to prevent the wraparound of the noise from a power source or a digital circuit, the virtual battery operation power circuit is carried.
In this circuitry, during a music play, only the voltage charged by the capacitor is made into criteria potential, it is a thing of FET to do for gate control, and the noise from a power source is intercepted. This has prevented that a noise is mixed with a sound signal.

In order to reduce the ill effect by oscillation, THCB (technics hybrid construction base) is adopted, and the periodic-damping property which was excellent with an effective combination of a steel plate and a viscoelasticity object is acquired. Furthermore, the oscillation from a floor is intercepted by four insulators.
Moreover, an optical deck mechanism is arranged in the good central part of a weight balance, and the oscillation of a mechanism is controlled.

The bamboo fiber ¬´ separator is adopted as an electrolytic capacitor, and the play which stopped an unnecessary incidental sound is enabled.

The digital servo is adopted as a servo circuitry, by adjusting the amount of servoes according to a different condition for every disk, the stable drive is enabled and the improvement in a tone quality is aimed at.

The weight balance and the center mechanism with a sufficient stability are employed as a disk tray.

The digital optical termination is carried.

The line-output termination in which gilding was given is adopted.

The peek search function is carried.

A music carries out the autmatic detection of the location which actually starts, and stands by for it, and the Autocue functionality which can be started in an instant is carried.

The A-B repeat in which the repeat performance of arbitrary zones is possible is carried. .

The length of the tapes to record is carried out, it volunteers, and compact-disk sound-recording edit function in which the edit without a sound piece is possible is carried. .

An Output-voltage coordination is possible per 2dB from 0dB to -12dB. .

Time fade and a random play functionality are carried.

The headphone level volume is equipped.

Wireless remote control is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20kHz}0.3dB
Dynamic range 100dB or more (EIAJ)
S/N ratio 120dB or more (EIAJ)
THD 0.0023% or less (EIAJ)
Channel separation 110dB or more (EIAJ)
Wow and flutter Below a limit of measurement (EIAJ)
Headphone-output level A maximum of 15mW/32 ohms (variable)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W
Dimensions Width 430x height 114x depth of 290mm
Weight 4.0kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control