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Technics SL-P999 69,800yen(around the 1988 time)
64,800yen(April 1, 1989 amendment)

The compact disk player which adopted the 4DAC20bit system.

The 4DAC linear 20bit system which raised the reappearance capacity of the minute signal sharply is adopted as a D-A-conversion part.
In this circuitry, after having adopted as Lch and each Rch 4DAC stream compositions which used the digital analog converter for Masanobu numbers, and the digital analog converter for negative signals and carrying out the D-A conversion of each component individually at them, it is compounding by the differential amplifier. The problem of the zero cross distortion by the level difference of the point crossing [ zero ] is theoretically solved by carrying out and performing distinction of the Masanobu number and a negative signal, and a change operation by 4DAC processor LSI.

A highly precise 20-bit 8 time oversampling digital filter is adopted as the digital filter which removes an unnecessary RF component to the input signal from compact disk. By decomposing signal level into 20 bits (1048576 steps) from conventional 16 bits (65536 steps), the translation error at the time of a minute signal input is suppressed to the minimum, and the high-density data is sent to the digital analog converter.
Moreover, the distorted ill effect with the element and semiconductor which constitute group delay distortion and a low pass filter from the using of the analog low pass filter of a low degree having been attained is also reduced sharply.

In order to improve the S/N ratio at the time of a minute signal, the silence deglitch circuitry is carried.
The deglitch circuitry (sample hold circuit) which removes the glitch noise produced at the time of the bit change of a digital analog converter is fixed to a sample mode at the time of a minute signal (-12dB or less),The problem of the switching noise produced from the deglitch circuitry itself [ used as the hindrance of minute signal regeneration ] is solved.

The classAA scheme is adopted as a sample hold circuit, buffer amplifier, and headphone amplifier.
At classAA, two different amplifier shares the voltage control and electric-current drive which were being conventionally performed with one amplifier, and the low distortion and the high-resolution of a mid-high range are realized by making possible the faithful waveform transmission which cannot be easily influenced by a load intensity.

8 sample linear interpolation is carried as a measure against a data error by the crack and dirt of a disk signal side.
If a data error occurs with the crack and dirt of a disk signal side in the conventional compact disk player, by signal-processing LSI, a signal processing will be shifted in order of a before [ bug fixing -> average interpolation -> ] value hold according to the amount of errors.
if the errors of a data are less than eight successions, I will go by 8 sample linear interpolation to hold a last value -- the noise occurrence is prevented by linear interpolation, without carrying out.

The discrete low-noise active servo power supply is adopted as a power circuit. By this, a minute variation of supply voltage can also be faithfully fed back now by realizing the reduction in the noise of an audio power source, low-impedance-izing, and a high ripple rejection, and the supply voltage variation by operation of DAC is held down.

The optical digital output termination is carried.

The study is used for the part which constitutes an audio circuitry in piles from double-sideds of a physical characteristic and an audition testing.
The rectification noise is reduced by using first recovery diode and the electrolytic capacitor for mass audios for a rectifier circuit. Moreover, in the gland for audios, the BUS bar in which Lch and Rch became independent is arranged, and low-impedance-ization of a grand line is attained.
Furthermore, the high-quality sound electrolytic capacitor is adopted as a capacitor for the newly developed high-quality sound carbon film resistor that used the non-magnetic-material cap for the resistor, and, between low distortions and in addition to a transparent feeling, the improvement in musicality is aimed at.

To the sound pressure oscillation transmitted from a speaker, the multilayer structure base which consists of heterogeneous materials, such as the metal chassis base and the TNRC (technics non Resonance compound) base, is adopted, and the translation to heat energy from vibrational energy has realized the high vibration proof effect.
Moreover, to the floor oscillation transmitted from a setting stand, the oscillation which gets across to the main unit of a player in four large-sized insulators was intercepted, it is having a multiplex-insulator stream composition which carries out the double floating of the optical deck on it, and large periodic damping is realized.

The high speed linear-access system which used the high precision linear motor is carried in the actuator of the traversal mechanism to which a pickup is moved. The rapid access is realized by applying a polish to the original control system which made full use of a microcomputer, and while improving an operationality, a high endurance and silence are acquired.

The use efficiency ratio of laser light is high to a pickup, and 1 original beam scheme which improved the SN ratio of the regenerative signal sharply is adopted as it. Furthermore, the molding glass lens is really [ original / aspheric surface ] adopted as the change-control-form lens of this laser pickup, and the signal read capacity strong against the crack and dirt on the top layer of a disk to have excelled, and a high robustness have been acquired.

The edit guide functionality is carried and the length (90 minutes/60 minutes/46 minutes) of the tapes to be used is only chosen at the time of the sound recording and edit from compact disk on a tapes,The sequence, the number of music, and residual time of the music which can be recorded to A side of a tapes and B side are calculated automatically, and it indicates by simultaneous at a semi dual music matrix display device (residual time is switched and displayed). The length of the tapes to record can be set as freedom other than the alternative form by an editing key from 1 minute to 99 minutes using 20 keys. Furthermore, ON/OFF of an auto space is also possible.

The De Dis Klink functionality is carried, and the number and residual time of the sequence and music of the music which can be recorded from other disks can be calculated automatically and displayed on the remaining fraction of the tapes recorded from the disk of the 1st sheet.

After carrying the auto peek search function and carrying out the autmatic detection of the peak level of disk all songs or special-NetWare-program music, the repetition play for about 3 seconds and a total of about 6 seconds can be performed before and after a peak point. The exact recording-level setups by the side of the deck can be easily performed by using this functionality.
Moreover, AB peek search in which a high precision peek search of arbitrary two-point (A-B) zones is possible in the state of a play is also carried.

The shuttle search is carried and it can search at four steps of speed in right reverse bothways from 1/8X to 76X with the angle of a dial, respectively.

The window repetition play functionality is carried, and a play is repeatedly possible, making the phrase sound of a pause location with a pause status. The play time width can choose narrow (for about 0.2 seconds), and wide (for about 1 second).

The display device which a Lch/Rch independent digital level meter and a playing position can switch and display is carried.

The direct-access functionality by 20 keys is carried.

Functionalities, such as 32 step random special NetWare program, a random play, a repeat, an A-B repeat, and Autocue, are carried.

Normal and random 2 mode timer play functionality are carried.

The time display function of 4 mode switching scheme is carried.

ON/OFF of a display device is possible.

Wireless remote control is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
The number of channels Two-channel stereo
Output voltage 2.5Vrms (0dB, EIAJ)
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20kHz±0.3dB (EIAJ)
Dynamic range 100dB or more (EIAJ)
SN ratio 113dB or more (EIAJ)
THD 0.0023% or less (1kHz, EIAJ)
THD 0.0015% or less (1kHz, 0dB, harmonic content up to the 10th order)
Channel separation 110dB or more (EIAJ)
Wow and flutter Below a limit of measurement (EIAJ)
Low pass filter 20 bits of 8fs digital filter
Error correcting system Technics super decoding algorithm
(With 8 sample linear interpolation functionality)
Traverse scheme High speed linear-access system
Headphone-output level 60mW/32 ohms (variable)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 12W
Dimensions Width 430x height 126.5x depth of 338mm
Weight 6kg
Adjunct: Wireless remote control EUR64727
Functionality 43 keys
The Battery used AAA -- Battery 1.5Vx2