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CD player with newly developed 4 dac / 18-bit conversion system.

The D/A conversion section uses a 4-DAC 18-bit conversion system.
This circuit employs four D/A converters, two each for Lch and Rch. By fully combining the dedicated D/A converters for the positive signal side and the negative signal side of both channels with a newly developed 4 dac processor LSI, 0 cross distortion is eliminated in principle and 18-bit high-resolution operation is realized. This greatly improves the reproducibility of small signals.
The digital filter that removes unwanted high-frequency components employs a 266 order high-precision 18-bit 4-times oversampling digital filter, which separates the signal level from the conventional 16 bits into 18 bits, enabling higher-fidelity playback.

The line-out circuit and headphone circuit use classAA, a unique high-quality circuit technology, which realizes faithful waveform transmission even under complicated connection loads, and realizes ultra-low distortion and high resolution.

A high-speed linear access system using a linear motor is adopted for the drive part of the traverse mechanism that moves the pickup. High-speed access is realized by polishing the original control system using a microcomputer, and high durability and quietness are realized as well as improved operability.
In addition, the pickup has acquired excellent signal reading capability and high reliability by adopting an integrally molded glass lens.

By adopting a multi-layered base and multi-layered top plate made of different metals, vibration that adversely affects sound quality is reduced.
In addition, the floor vibration transmitted directly from the installation platform is reduced by adopting a multiple insulator structure consisting of four large insulators and a double floating optical deck.

It is equipped with two digital outputs which are coaxial with the optical system.
It is also equipped with a digital output ON/OFF switch that can block the influence of the digital output during analog playback.

The power supply circuit uses an independent two winding power transformer that separates the audio and digital servo systems, preventing the audio system from being affected by highly variable digital and servo circuits.
A low-noise active servo power supply provides a stable power supply.

Equipped with an edit guide function, you can automatically calculate the number of songs that can be recorded on the A side and B side of the tape, the number of songs, and B side of the tape, the number of songs, and the recording time can be automatically calculated and displayed on the display.

It is equipped with a digital peak search function that automatically detects the peak level of all songs on the disc or program songs, and then repeatedly plays for a total of 6 seconds (± 3 seconds before and after the peak point). This function allows you to easily set the optimum recording level on the deck.

Wireless remote control is included.

Model Rating
Type Multi-CD player
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Number of channels 2-channel stereo
Output voltage 2.5Vrms(EIAJ)
Frequency characteristic 2 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.3 dB (EIAJ)
Dynamic range 100 dB or more (EIAJ)
Signal-to-noise ratio 112 dB or more
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.003% or Less (1 kHz, EIAJ)
Harmonic distortion factor 0.0015% or Less (1 kHz, 0 dB, Harmonics Up to 10th Order)
Channel separation 110 dB or more (EIAJ)
Wow and flutter Below the measurement limit
Low-pass filter 4 fs 266th order digital filter
Signal Format
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Error correction system Technics super decoding algorithm
Compound 16-bit straight line
Method FF-1
Light source Semiconductor laser
Wave length 780nm
Method High-speed linear access system
Headphone output level Maximum 60mW/32 Ω (variable)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 16W
External dimensions Width 430x Height 116x Depth 333 mm
Weight 6.5kg
Included : Wireless Remote Control EUR64711
Feature 41 key
Dry batteries AA Dry Battery 1.5Vx2