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Technics SL-P1000 125,000yen (around the 1987 time)
116,000yeb (April 1, 1989 amendment)

The compact disk player which inherited the technology of SL-P1200, such as a classAA audio circuitry, a vibration-proof design, an edit function, and also introduced new know-hows, such as strengthening of the heavy bass by an active servo power supply, and equipment of a digital output termination.

The classAA scheme is adopted as a total of each six L/R of three circuitries, a sample hold circuit, buffer amplifier, and headphone amplifier.
The high-resolution is gained according to powerful drive capacity and exact waveform-transmission capacity.
With the sample hold circuit which removes the switching noise which a D/A converter generatesIt becomes independent about the voltage control amplifier which performs a waveform transmission, and the electric-current drive amplifier which performs a load-intensity drive of the capacitor for a hold, a low pass filter, etc., and the precision of the D-A conversion is raised by operating voltage control amplifier by an unloaded condition.

a digital analog converter -- Lch and Rch -- the dual converter scheme which arranged the converter for exclusive use, respectively is adopted.
While this solves the problem of the phase difference of L/R, the converter output was operated in electric-current mode, the D-A conversion was accelerated, and the distortion and resolution in a high region are improved.

In order for the noise generated by the digital circuit system or the servo circuitry system to prevent mixing in an audio audio circuitry through a power source, 2 transformer schemes equipped with the transformer of respectively the special purpose of a digital system and an audio system are used for a power transformer.
Furthermore, it separated into three lines, Lcn, Rch, and headphone amplifier, and the secondary winding of the transformer only for an audio system has also prevented the cross interferencee in an audio circuitry.
Moreover, while using first recovery diode and the electrolytic capacitor for mass audios for a rectifier circuit and reducing a rectification noise, the powering stabilized also at the time of the Dainyuu power is made possible.
In addition, the thing for which the audio circuitry side also arranges the circuit board in the shielding structure in a chassis,The interference from other circuitry systems and power transformers is eliminated, and a lineout termination also uses the product line by the pin jack of a shielding structure, and the high coaxial cable of the shielding effect, and is raising the purity of sound.

In order to correspond to the early bass of a riser, the original low-noise active servo power supply is adopted as the power source for audio circuitries.
While this forms a feedback circuit combining constant-voltage IC excellent in the temperature stability only for a power source, and wide band IC excellent in the RF property, reduces a power-source noise by 20dB or more conventionally and raises an S/N ratio,The outstanding regulation (voltage stability) which also endures a car battery has been obtained.

In order to eliminate various oscillations which have an ill effect on a tone quality, thorough absent resonance and unvibrated measures are taken.
First, the three-tiered weight base is adopted as a base portion to the sound pressure oscillation transmitted from a speaker. This is what carried out integral moulding of a metals chassis, special dumping rubber, and the material in which the new materials TNRC (technics non Resonance compound) differ, and has acquired the high braking effect by transforming vibrational energy into heat energy.
Moreover, special deadning rubber is used also for a cabinet top plate, and vibration proof is improved.
Next, in the floor oscillation transmitted from a setting stand, the oscillation is held down with the double insulator structure by the floating of four large-sized insulators and optical decks.
Besides it, 2 power transformers which are the sources of an oscillation inside a CD player also performed the rubber floating, and have prevented transmitting an oscillation of a transformer outside.

In order to remove the noise component produced at the time of the D-A conversion of a music signal, the super clean digital filter original with an audio circuitry is adopted.
The tone quality is improved with the combination of the 96th digital filter and an analog low pass filter with a high operation precision.

Two digital output terminations, light and a coaxial, can be carried, and an audio signal can be direct transmitted to an external D/A-converter unit.

The Copper-foil styrene capacitor and the electrolytic capacitor for audios are adopted as capacitors. Moreover, also with each part which constitutes an audio circuitry, from double-sideds of a physical characteristic and an audition testing, the study was repeated and the careful selection using of adopting extensively the resistor for audios which uses OFC lead wire and a non-magnetic-material cap etc. is carried out.

The use efficiency ratio of laser light is high to the pickup which reads the signal of a disk, and 1 original beam scheme which has improved the SN ratio of a regenerative signal sharply is adopted as it.
Furthermore, high play ability and endurance have been acquired by using of the aluminum die-casting base, a glass lens strong against a transition of a temperature or humidity, a phase difference scheme tracking servo, etc.

By turning a dial by a fingertip, 2 speed search dial which can do a head search minutely is carried in right reverse bothways.
The refresh rate per rotation can choose the 2 modes for about 1 second (slow) and about 30 seconds (fast), and a precise access of a three-frame (1 / 25 seconds) unit of measure is possible for it at the minimum.

The linear motor is adopted as the actuator of the traversal mechanism to which a pickup is moved. With the original servo system which uses a microcomputer, the pickup migration between music is shortened at about 0.9 second.
Moreover, when deceleration mechanisms, such as a gear belt, are lost, silence and an endurance are also improving.

The programmable music scan which plays only the intro fraction of disk enrolment music one by one is carried.
The play time per music can be set up freely till 1 to 99 seconds.

Almost all operations carry the ten key wireless remote control which can be performed by a hand from a play and the elementary operation of a pause to a search, a repeat, and a time mode window.
Moreover, the digital attenuator functionality whose volume can be controlled is also equipped by the level key.

The preset editing functionality in which compact-disk edit united at tapes enrolment time is possible is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
<Audio part>
Output voltage 2.5V (0dB, EIAJ)
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20000Hz±0.3dB (EIAJ)
Dynamic range 96dB or more (EIAJ)
SN ratio 108dB or more (EIAJ)
THD 0.0025% or less (1kHz, 0dB, EIAJ)
THD 0.0012% or less (1kHz, 0dB)
Channel separation 108dB or more
Wow and flutter Below a limit of measurement (EIAJ)
<Signal format>
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Error correcting system Technics super decoding algorithm
Composite-izing 16-bit linear line
Scheme FF-1
Light source Semiconductor laser
Wavelength 780nm
Scheme High speed linear-access system
Scheme Brushless D.D.
Headphone-output level A maximum of 15mW/32 ohms (variable)
Power consumption 24W
Power source AC100V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions Width 430x height 127.5x depth of 382mm
Weight 9.0kg
Adjunct: Wireless remote control
Functionality 27 keys
The Battery used AA -- Battery 1.5Vx2
Dimensions Width 65x depth 155x18mm in thickness
Weight 140g (Battery included)