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A control type synthesizer that can control various tones such as pitch, pitch and intensity by adjusting the delicate knob and balance.

The SY 1010 consists of six parts : ADSR block, VCO block, VCF block, VCA block, LFO block, and keyboard block.

The ADSR block is an envelope generator that can set subtle temporal changes in the sound after the keyboard is pressed.

The VCO block is the sound source part, and is a noise sound source that determines the pitch of sound according to the control voltage of the keyboard and creates sound effects.
It is also equipped with a tuning function.

The VCF block is a filter that allows you to determine the tone by reducing or increasing a portion of the sound.

In the VCA block, the sound intensity can be determined by the amplifier section.

The LFO block is a low-frequency oscillator for making small changes in sound.

The keyboard block provides a wide range of notes by setting the VCO Frequency.

Model Rating
Type Music synthesizer
<VCO(Voltage Controlled Oscillator)>
Frikency 40 Hz to 10 kHz
Fine tuning ± 200 cent
Other VCO level
LFO depth
<NOISE(Noise Generator)>
Noise level White noise
<VCF(Voltage Controlled Filter)>
Cut-off frequency 100 Hz to 10 kHz
Other Resonance
LFO depth
ADSR depth
<VCA(Voltage Controlled Amplifier)>
Other Initial gain
LFO depth
ADSR depth
<Envelope Generator (ADSR) part>
Other Attack time
Decay time
Release time
<LFO(Low Frequency Oscillator)>
Frikency 0.15 Hz to 25 Hz
Test Oscillator (Tuning Oscillator)
Test oscillator 440Hz
Other With on/off switch
Output Terminal
Output1 Level Selector Switch : Normal / Boost + 8 dB
Output for microphone terminal : 1.5 mv
Aux output : 150 mv
Output2 Tone Selector Switch (Soft / Hard)
Output for organ and guitar : 200 mv
<Keyboard (keybord/KYBD)>
Format 32-key F-scale (F1-C6)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 9W
External dimensions Width 482x Height 135x Depth 341 mm
Weight 4.8kg
Attachment Connection code (3m, Pin-Pin code)
Dust cover