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An AV processor equipped with Dolby Prologic designed for the Component System imagin (SS-E10).

Equipped with Dolby Pro Logic that draws out sound effects of software recorded with Dolby Surround sound.
The SH-VE10 is equipped with three modes. You can choose from three types : normal, which is low cut in the center with the assumption that a small speaker is used ; wide, which plays back the front three channels at the same level ; and phantom, which distributes the center output to right and left without using the center speaker.

In addition to Dolby Pro Logic, it is equipped with 3 kinds of surround mode and you can choose simulated, hall and jazz club.

It is equipped with amplifiers for center and surround.

The remote control of the SS-E10 can operate devices connected to the SH-VE10.

Equipped with two microphone mixing terminals with digital echo.

Equipped with a BGV function, you can combine video and sound independently during playback.

It is equipped with 4 AV input / output systems and Route 3 S-terminal input / output systems.

Model Rating
Type AV processor
Surround Mode Dolby Pro Logic (Normal, Wide Band, Phantom)
Dolby 3 stereo (Normal, Wide Band)
Jazz club
Delay time Dolby Prologic : 15-30 ms
Simulated holes : 5 to 120 ms
Jazz club : 5-40 ms
Output Center : 40W
Surround : 20W/20W
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 104W
External dimensions Width 445x Height 97x Depth 343 mm
Weight 6.6kg