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Graphic equalizer with automatic sound field correction.

Equipped with a 12-element direct touch board, the level can be set just by touching.

It has 8 memory functions.
In addition to 1-5 optional memories, 6-8 are equipped with fixed memories for rock fusion, vocal and disco sound respectively.

Equipped with an EQ Plus function that lets you mix two types of stored equalization curves.

Two tape decks can be connected and equalization tape editing is possible for each other.

It is equipped with a high-precision FL display that can display the equalization curve and the spectrum.

An ideal sound field can be created in approximately 50 seconds by using an optional microphone for automatic sound field correction.

Model Rating
Type Graphic equalizer
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz to 50 kHz -1dB
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.003% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio (IHF-A) 107dB/1V
Band level control + 12 dB to -12dB in 2 dB steps
Center frequency 25 Hz, 40 Hz, 63 Hz, 100 Hz, 160 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz
1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 16W
External dimensions Width 430x Height 120x Depth 273 mm
Weight 3.8kg
Sold Separately Sound Field Measuring Microphone RP-3800E (¥ 12,000)