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Audio Power Selector.

Equipped with a tape or FM/AM sleep timer switch (20 to 60 minutes) and system all-on switch.

Equipped with a recording selector and a listening selector.

Model Rating
Type Audio Power Selector
Outlet capacity 1200W
For Amplifier : 500W (Maximum Power Consumption : 500W, Rated Power Consumption 250W)
For Tuner : 100W
For Deck : 100W
Player : 100W
For audio timer : 100W
Spare Outlet (Interlock) : 100W
Auxiliary outlet (non-interlocked) : 200W
Sleep time adjustment range 20 min ~ 60 min (± 20%)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power consumption 7W
External dimensions Width 410x Height 53x Depth 159 mm
Weight 2.6kg