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Tone arm equipped with a new mechanism that can be mounted and removed with one screw.

SL-1200, SL-120, SL-1100, SL-35, and SL-45 are designed to fit the dimensions.

Model Rating
Type Static balance type S-shaped pipe arm
Effective length 242mm
Overhang 15mm
Height adjustment range 22 ~ 50 mm (From Armboard to Turntable Top Surface)
Offset Angle 21 ゜
Tracking error angle + 2.5 ° (30 cm record circumference)
+ 1.2 ° (inner circumference of record)
Needle pressure adjustment range 0 ~ 3g Direct Read Variable, 0.25g Scale
Attachable range 32 mm ~ 41 mm
Applicable Cartridge Weight 5g ~ 15g