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PCM Digital Mixer

A PCM digital mixer that can process digital signals in the process of PCM recording and editing of tapes digitally recorded with SH-P1.
It was exhibited at the 1979 Audio Fair as a reference for technological development.

The input and output faders can be adjusted individually for each channel, or they can be switched to operate as stereo faders.

An error in the input signal such as out of synchronization or no signal can be displayed.

Each channel is equipped with a pan pot and a solo switch so that it can be used with the same feeling as a conventional analog mixer.

Various types of monitors including audio systems are available for smooth editing of tapes recorded with SH-P1.

It is a noiseless design without using an air-cooling fan.

The PCM Digital Mixer can mix four digital signals, but a PCM AD/DA converter is required for the microphone output, and a digital dubbing unit is required for the SH-P1 connected to the PCM Digital Mixer.

Model Rating
Type PCM Digital Mixer
Input Digital : 4 lines
Equipped with phase switching, pan pot and fader for each channel
Output Digital stereo
Each channel has a fader
Synchronise Sync to external device
External dimensions Width 450x Height 280x Depth 470 mm
Weight 21kg