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PCM DA/AD Converter

A PCM AD/DA converter that converts an audio signal into a digital signal of the Electronic Industries Association of Japan standard and vice versa.
It was exhibited at the 1979 Audio Fair as a reference for technological development.

It is used as an AD converter when an audio signal such as a microphone is connected to the input of a PCM digital mixer.
It is also used as a DA converter to convert digital signals that have been mixed, edited, or otherwise processed into audio signals.

The SH-P1 performs AD/DA conversion by curvilinear quantization, but this AD/DA converter performs 14-bit linear quantization conversion, so the effective SN ratio can be improved.

Model Rating
Type PCM DA/AD Converter
Method Compliant with EIAJ Technical File STC 007
Input Stereo for both audio and digital signals
Output Stereo for both audio and digital signals
Quantization 14-bit linear quantization
Synchronise External and internal switching
External dimensions Width 450x Height 132x Depth 340 mm
Weight 12kg