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Panasonic SU-V460 32,000yen(September, 1989 release)

Integrated amplifier which adopted the classAA circuitry.

The classAA circuitry is adopted and the current supply source which is strong to a load variation and has a voltage control faithful to an input signal and a margin by performing voltage control and an electric-current drive with amplifier for exclusive use, respectively is reconciled.

The high purity OFC coil is adopted as a power transformer, and the outstanding regulation is realized.
Moreover, the Low-noise-izing is attained by adopting a high speed EX electrolytic capacitor as an electrolytic capacitor.

The power amplifier direct is carried.
In this functionality, inputting an input signal into power amplifier directly only through a classAA buffer and a power amplifier input volume has realized the more nearly high-definition play.

The REC serector which became independent of six input selectors is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated amplifier
Practical use maximum output 80W+80W (6 ohms, EIAJ)
THD 0.005% (20Hz - 20kHz-3dB, 8ohms)
0.0009% (1kHz-3dB, 8ohms)
SN ratio Line:100dB(IHF'66)
Phono man month: 82dB (at the time of a 2.5mV input)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.2 dB
Tone control bass: ±10dB (50Hz)
treble: ±10dB (20kHz)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 150W
Dimensions Width 430x height 125x depth of 320mm
Weight 8kg