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Technics SU-V44
55,800yen(around the 1981 time)

The Integrated Amplifier which adopted the new class A scheme.

The new class A scheme which banished switching distortion and crossover distortion is adopted.

The logarithmic comression peek power meter of the right-and-left independency which can carry out a Direct reading to a broad range from the minute output of 0.001W to 100W is carried.

2 tapes monitor switch is carried.

The mic mixing circuitry with an echo is equipped.
The amount of echoes and the amount of mics can be adjusted independently, respectively.

The mixing sound-recording switchpoint which can record the mixed voice as it is is carried.

The Subsonic Filter is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Effective output (both channel drive) 60W+60W (8 ohms, 1kHz)
THD 0.009% (at the time of 1kHz and an Output power)
Output bandwidth 5Hz - 30kHz
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-80kHz+0 -3 dB
SN ratio (IHF-A) Phono:72dB
Tuner, Aux: 95dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 2.5mV / 47kohm
Tuner, Aux:150mV /, 27kohm
Phono maximum permissible input 150mV
Tone control Bass: ±10dB (50Hz)
Treble: ±10dB (20kHz)
Load impedance 8ohm-16ohm
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 107W
Dimensions Width 430x height 120x depth of 285mm
Weight 6.9kg