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Technics SU-C3000 * Build-to-order article
350,000yen(around the 1999 time)

Control amplifier which adopted VGCA.

In order to correspond to the large dynamic range of a next-generation digital format, the newly developed low-noise amplifier VGCA (Variable Gain Control Amplifier) is adopted.
In VGCA, the scheme which changes not the amplifier stream composition of amplifying after extracting a signal in the input volume which was being performed with the conventional amplifier but the gain of amplifier itself is adopted, and even when a volume is extracted, aggravation of a noise or a dynamic range is reduced.
The high S/N ratio is gained by the combined use with the battery driving power supply adopted as the power-source part, and the remains noise has realized reappearance of little clear sound.

The battery driving power supply using the lead accumulator adopted also as SU-C7000Ver.4.0 is adopted as a power-source part.
By carrying out a battery drive, the signal circuit was completely separated from the AC power source, and a noise loop, a switching noise of a power circuit, etc. resulting from a connecting cord or an AC power source are canceled.
The powering of about 4 hours is possible for this battery at a full condensation. Moreover, if a remaining capacity decreases, it will switch to an AC power source automatically, and a condensation will be started.

The resistor rotation type volume is adopted as a volume.
In this volume, the brush united with the termination is fixed and the heterogeneous alloy-junction parts which become the cause of degrading a tone quality, by adopting the original scheme which rotates a resistor are reduced.
Moreover, fine-particle type carbon is adopted as a resistor, and distortion is reduced.

The TAKEII electrolytic capacitor is adopted as a capacitor.
This capacitor made the electrolytic capacitor using the separator which blended the bamboo upgrade further, and is reducing equivalent resistance by an optimization of the combination rate of the bamboo fiber of a separator, adoption of the thick aluminum foil of foil thickness, adoption of a special etching construction method, etc.

R core transformer is adopted as a power transformer.
In order that this transformer may serve as uniform magnetic flux because core cross-section form is circular, and also there may be no joint in a core, there is little leakage magnetic flux, and it is reducing the tone-quality failure.

THCB (technics hybrid construction base) is adopted as a chassis structure, and the periodic-damping property excellent in multilayer-structure-izing the material in which vibration suppression properties differ has been acquired.

Two pre-out terminations are carried and by amplifier is supported.

The glass epoxy group board with which gilding was given is adopted.

The attachment-and-detachment type power cord of 3P-2P type is adopted.

The XLR canon termination corresponding to a balance input and a balance output is carried.

The OCC wire rod is adopted as an internal wiring.

Real wood and last finish are given to sub- wood.

A Battery
A compare of a block diagram

Rating of a mode
Form Control amplifier
THD (20Hz - 20kHz) Phono man month (Rec out, EIAJ): 0.003%
Line1/2, compact disk, Tape1 / 2 (Pre out, EIAJ):0.002%
S/N ratio Phono MM:86dB(EIAJ)
Line1/2, compact disk, Tape of 1/2:112dB (EIAJ)
124dB (IHF A Gain = 0dB, S=2V)
Frequency characteristic Line1/2, compact disk, and Tape1/2:20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.1 dB
0.7Hz-125kHz+0 -3 dB
Balanced: 8Hz-50kHz±0.3dB
Output power Pre out1/2:2V/47 ohm
Balanced: 2V/47 ohm
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono man month: 3.5mV / 47kohm
Line1/2, compact disk and 1/2:200mV of Tape(s) / 47kohm
Balanced: 200mV/600 ohms
Maximum permissible input MM:100mV(0.05%)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 30W(AC)
Dimensions Width 483x height 134x depth of 375mm
Weight 13.8kg (battery power-source included)
Option Battery driving power supply 2212X2 AU (2x12V, 2.2Ah/20HR) of LC-R
(Replacement-parts treatment and build-to-order 2.5 months, 19,800yen)