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Technics SU-A200 200,000yen(1985 release)
186,000yen (1989 amendment)

Control amplifier which aimed at the drive of a more nearly high-definition play and power amplifier by adopting a ClassAA scheme as equalizer amplifier and output amplifier.

The ClassAA scheme is adopted as phone equalizer amplifier.
With the electric-current drive amplifier of a SEPP output-stage stream composition with large-current supply capacity, the impedance variation of the RIAA element canceled the ill effect which hits the output current, and has realized the voltage amplification in the ideal first class conditions. Moreover, the super-low distortion is conjointly realized with a dual super-low noise FET differential amplification and the high-slew-rate circuitry of the first rank with a cascode.

Influence by the loading state by the input impedance or connecting cord of the power amplifier which had adopted the ClassAA scheme also as the output amplifier part, and had been generated in the output unit of the conventional control amplifier is not received, but the low-distortion high-quality play of the first class is enabled.

The newly developed 4-unit stream-composition wide D range volume is adopted as a volume.
This volume has realized the low distortion and the low noise by adoption of the new resistor which graduated the top layer in the shape of a specular surface, and the multiple-contact brush which gave gilding. Furthermore, the SN ratio in a real using is sharply improved by the new circuitry which operates a Dual-unit as an object for a gain control of output amplifier among 4-unit volumes.

The newly developed active servo power supply is adopted as a power-source part.
This power source forms the feedback circuit by combining constant-voltage IC only for the power source excellent in the temperature stability, and wide band IC excellent in the RF property, and has realized low-noise-ization on the outstanding regulation which exceeds a car battery, and a large frequency. Moreover, the power-source noise which may flow in from a primary power-source line is stopped by adopting the line filter for electromagnetic interference.
Furthermore, the power source for audio signals and the power source for video signals were made into the independent source by a separate coil, and also they have eliminated the ill effect by a cross interferencee, such as also separating an earth line completely.

In addition to eight audio inputs, one three audio-video inputs +VTR input/output which can also choose a picture signal simultaneously is carried. Moreover, two audio outputs (front rear) and one image monitor output are carried in the output-terminal.

compact disk / digital direct functionality is carried.
When this functionality is used, an input signal is direct connected to a volume only through a golden contact (direct switchpoint).

The independent selection of sound and an image of a selector is attained, and the production of BGV etc. is also possible.
Moreover, in order to control without degrading an audio signal, the newly developed microprocessor and electronic selector are adopted.

WideNewly developed wide D range volume

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo control amplifier
<Audio part>
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono1, 2 man-month:2.5mV /, 47kohm
Phono1, 2 MC: 100 microvolts/220 ohms
Tuner, compact disk, AUX, audio-video1/TV and audio video2, digital,
Tape1, Tape2/VCR, Tape3/design aid tape:150mV /, 39kohm
direct-compact disk, digital:150mV /, 15kohm
Distortion (20Hz - 20kHz) Phono1, 2 man month: 0.0008% (EIAJ)
Phono1, 2 MC: 0.0009% (EIAJ)
Tuner, compact disk, AUX, audio-video1/TV and audio video2, digital,
Tape1, Tape2/VCR, Tape3/design aid tape: 0.0007%
direct-compact disk, digital: 0.0006%
SN ratio
Phono1, 2 man month : 92dB(IHF'66)
Phono1, 2 MC : 76dB (IHF'66, 250 microvolts)
Tuner, compact disk, AUX, audio-video1/TV and audio video2, digital, Tape1, Tape2/VCR, Tape3/design aid tape :
direct-compact disk, digital : 110dB(IHF'66)
Frequency characteristic
Phono1, 2 man month : 20Hz-20kHz RIAA±0.2dB
20Hz-100kHz RIAA±0.5dB
Tuner, compact disk, AUX, audio-video1/TV and audio video2, digital, Tape1, Tape2/VCR, Tape3/design aid tape :
0.5Hz-150kHz+0 -3dB/20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.1 dB
direct-compact disk, digital : 0.5Hz-150kHz+0 -3 dB
Phono maximum permissible input MM:160mV
Subsonic Filter 20Hz, -12 dB/oct.
A high light filter 7kHz, -6 dB/oct.
Audio muting -20dB
An Output voltage/impedance Pre Out(front/rear): 2V/2 ohm (rate), 8V/2 ohm (maxima)
Rec Out:150mV
<Picture-signal part (audio-video1/TV and audio video2, tape2/VCR)>
Output-signal level 1±0.1 Vp-p (1 Vp-p/75ohm unbalanced input)
Signal allowable input 1.5Vp-p
Input/output impedance 75-ohm unbalance
Conformity input/output impedance 75-ohm unbalance
Power consumption 15W
Power source AC100V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions Width 476x height 125x depth of 360mm
Weight 10.4kg