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Technics SE-M100 90,000yen (around the 1988 time)
83,600yen (1989 amendment)


D. Digital straight amplifier which adopted the D.D. (digital direct-drive) scheme.

By the digital direct-drive scheme, the large output signal of DAC is taken to a required sound-volume voltage, and direct connection is carried out to the power amplifier of the amplification degree 1 (0dB), without passing the path of the amplifier of the analog source at all. Thereby, it became DAC Output-voltage = speaker terminal voltage, and the play which employed efficiently the high S/N ratio which the digital source has is realized.
Moreover, the DAC output unit is equipped with the high resisting pressure I/V converter as an object for a volume coordination. The Output voltage is changed by adjusting the conversion rate of this converter.

Since the amplifier of the voltage amplification 1 (0dB) does not perform a voltage amplification, a noise level begins a small thing and it can realize the transmission characteristics excellent in the basic target. However, an operation will become unstable if the usual power amplifier which drives a speaker is simply put in order as amplification degree 1 by NFB. In order to develop this problem, classAA and the floating power source which are high-quality sound technologies original with technics are carried, and 0dB power amplifier is realized.
If a volume is made minimum, the capacity which a speaker has can be demonstrated by as very little noise level asdB -140 to 100W.

The newly developed 4DAC linear 20bit system is carried in the D-A-conversion part. By this scheme, after arranging a total of four digital analog converters to each Masanobu number and object for negative signals of Lch/Rch and changing each component into them individually, zero cross distortion is theoretically canceled by combining only a fraction with a sufficient linearity. Moreover, high-order-accuracy adoption of a 20-bit 8 time digital filter oversampling , and an interval always realize a 20-bit high-resolution operation regardless of input signal level, and are improving the reappearance capacity of a minute signal sharply.

Had the twin monophonic stream composition which made right and left become independent, it was made to separate into right and left, and the power amplifier part is arranged.
Furthermore, the cross interferencee between L/R resulting from the electromagnetic waves from the large current of a power amplifier part is minimized by having T type stream composition which shielded the preamplifier part and the digital part severely.

The large-sized power transformer of a right-and-left full independence stream composition is adopted as a power-source part.
The CLASS1 OFC line is used for this transformer, and the outstanding regulation is realized. Moreover, the magnetic radiation and the equipment oscillation are suppressed to the relative minimum by adoption of the 5mm thickness insulator robber at the high-rigidity chassis of 1.6mm thickness, and the bottom face of a transformer.
Moreover, the high speed EX electrolytic capacitor is adopted as the electrolytic capacitor of a power-source part. This capacitor has also canceled the slight distortion by the impurity which was making it improve the purity of the electrolytic solution, and double figures or more, and adhered to the electrode by application of biotechnology. Moreover, A1 electrode foil adopted a low scaling-factor etching, thickness equalization, and the new leather film forming method, and also the various modifications of performing electrodeposition coating etc. are given to the top layer.

The volume coordination by DDD is performed by switching the conversion rate of an I/V conversion circuit. For this reason, compared with the general volume, the electric current is large, and if the conventional volume is used, distortion will increase.

In SE-M100, the volume element which has improved distortion 10 or more times by adopting the newly developed low-distortion element is adopted.

The careful selection using of the high purity OCC wire rod is carried out at the winding of a power transformer, and the lead wire of each part including the internal wiring.

Two optical digital inputs are carried. Moreover, it carries each one the input / input/output terminal of a coaxial.

The amplification degree of the analog input of SE-M100 is equivalent to an Integrated Amplifier.

- The input terminal of a rear surface panel
The 0dB
- The block diagram of 4DAC linear 20bit8fs conversion system - 0db power amplifier block diagram
Internal The
- The mass transformer using an OFC coil
- The high speed EX electrolytic capacitor for sources
High Low-distortion 高純度OCC線材
- High speed EX electrolytic capacitor - Low-distortion volume - Quantity purity OCC wire rod

Rating of a mode
Form Digital straight amplifier
Effective output 100W+100W (6 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.007%)
90W+90W (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.005%)
THD 0.003% (20Hz - 20kHz, Output power -3dB, 8ohms)
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20kHz 0.3dB
SN ratio 112dB(EIAJ)
83dB (analog output)
Input sensitivity/impedance 150mV / 33kohm (analog input)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 235W
Dimensions Width 430x height 158x depth of 403mm
Weight 15.5kg