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The pictorial image of EAA-2006 (Technics 10A)

Technics EAA-2006/Technics 10A 135,000yen(around the 1966 time)

Stereo control amplifier of a technics series.

The amplification part consists of two-step NF circuitries, and has obtained the Low-noise-izing and the big dynamic range.

The hum and the noise are reduced with inserting a transistor ripple filter in the rectifier circuit of a heater, and carrying out the perfect direct-current ignition, and also shielding a power-source part completely.

The new style CR tone control which becomes a flat completely at the middle point of a volume is adopted as a tone control part.
In this circuitry, at the time of an elevation, C is accepting one piece, and is operating, the time of descent does not have a surge in a property, and the flat transition property has been acquired. Moreover, a bass and loud sound can switch three steps of changing points of a property.

}1% of precision resistor is used for an equalizer circuitry, and also every set is surveyed, and it is adjusted to the error not more than }0.3dB at 30Hz and 15kHz.
Moreover, although the playback curve of the tape head termination is united with the property of NAB, it can be united also with the property of head each.

The push switch is adopted as an input switching. Moreover, a semipermanent part can be adjusted from the front.

Rating of a mode
Form Tube control amplifier
Input sensitivity (1kHz, output 1V) Phono:2mV
Aux: 100mV (Aux1 can be adjusted)
Tape Head:2mV
Frequency characteristic Phono: 30Hz - 15kHz (deflection of }0.3dB from a RIAA curve)
Deflection of }0.5dB from a Tape Head:NAB curve and a high region are coordination possibles.
Tuner and Aux:10Hz-50kHz+0 -1 dB
Tone control 3 steps of changing point change possible
Bass: 500Hz, 250Hz, 125Hz
Treble: 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz
Filter Run bull: 30Hz, 12dB / oct
Scratch: 8kHz, 12dB / oct
S/N ratio (IHFM specification, ASA specification)
A curve, input short-circuit
Tuner, Aux: 90dB
Tape Head:65dB
Output 10V (HT 0.1%, 1kHz)
The semiconductor used Thermionic tube (eight pieces): 7:8 12AX
Transistor: One piece
Diode: Eight pieces
Power source AC100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 35VA
Dimensions Width 420x height 140x depth of 250mm
Weight 7.6kg