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This 3-head stereo cassette deck adopts a closed-loop dual capstan system.

The mechanism uses a closed-loop dual capstan drive system, and a constant tension is always applied before and after the head touch of the tape, resulting in stable running performance.

It is equipped with Kenwood's original tape path stabilizer. In addition to plate spring system, compression coil spring and special elastic rubber are used in order to eliminate the effect of internal and external vibration. When the cassette holder is closed, the cassette half is wrapped from both left and right ends and fixed firmly. Vibration is absorbed and tape travel is stabilized.

The head uses PC-OCC (single-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper), which is effective in reducing transmission loss, to minimize high-frequency attenuation and transmission loss of the original signal.

Separate motors are used for the capstan, reel drive, and head actuator / mechanical assist to realize a smooth and quiet mechanism.

By setting the bias frequency to 210 kHz, which is twice the conventional frequency, beat distortion is eliminated and superior high-frequency reproduction is achieved.

It is equipped with an auto-bias function that records two types of signal levels (400 Hz and 10 kHz) in 16 steps and detects the proper bias according to each output level. It is also equipped with a bias preset memory so that the auto-bias setting does not occur again when recording on the same tape or when using the same type of tape.
Preset memories are recorded for METAL, CrO2 and Normal respectively.

Mechanism system, signal system, display system and 3-division winding are adopted to prevent mutual interference and winding from the power supply part.
In addition, mutual interference is suppressed by adopting a pure signal ground line structure in which all operation standards are concentrated at the ground part of the lineout which is the operation reference point.

Equipped with DPSS with improved operability in a 3-head deck, operations such as front-and-back heading and dash and play are possible.
It is also equipped with an index scan function that can monitor the start of a recorded song one after another by playing it for about 10 seconds.

Equipped with a repeat A-B playback function that uses counter information to repeat between two favorite points (requires more than 18 seconds between songs) many times.

It is equipped with CD peak search and synchronization functions. When connected to a Kenwood XS marked CD player or LD player and pressing the CD peak search key, the CD automatically detects the point of large signal recording, and recording is completed by setting the recording level to the optimum value in accordance with it.
In addition, the basic operation of KX-7030 can be done with the system remote control of AV amplifier with XR and XS mark.

Equipped with a display mode that can be switched between two stages : all lighting and counter lighting only.

The peak meter uses a 17-point peak level meter and can display -30dB to + 12 dB.

Equipped with Dolby HX-PRO, MPX filter and auto tape monitor function.

Equipped with timer play & rec mechanism.

Comes with a 15-key multi-functional remote control for most operations including Dolby NR settings, auto-bias / bias presets, repeat A-B playback settings, etc.

Model Rating
Type Stereo cassette deck
Recording system AC bias (high bias 210 kHz)
Heads Recording : Hard Permalloy (Combination)
Recycled : Hard Permalloy (combination)
Erasing : double-gap ferrite
Motor Capstan drive motor x1
One reel drive motor
Mechanical Assist x1
Wow flutter ± 0.045% (WRMS)
Early winding time Approximately 80 Seconds (C-60 Tape)
Frequency characteristic Normal : 20 Hz to 18 kHz ± 3 dB
Chrome : 20 Hz ~ 19 kHz ± 3 dB
Metal : 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz ± 3 dB
Distortion factor 0.7% (1 kHz, 3rd harmonic distortion factor, metal)
Signal-to-noise ratio 59dB(Dolby NR OFF)
67dB(Dolby NR B)
75dB(Dolby NR C)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Line : 77.5mV/50k Ω
Output Level / Impedance Line : 490mV/3k Ω
Headphone : 0.85mW/8 Ω
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
External dimensions Width 440x Height 127x Depth 324 mm
Weight 5.1kg
Attachment Wireless Remote Control RC-X7030