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A two track master recorder incorporating new mechanisms such as a tension servo mechanism and a NAB/BTS equalizer switching mechanism.

Equipped with a tension servo mechanism.
In this mechanism, the left tension arm detects a change in the back tension caused by a change in the winding diameter of the feed reel, and the reel motor feeds back the detected change to maintain the tension within the optimum range.
The ideal tension protects the tape during early winding, while achieving stable head touch and minimizing the speed change from the beginning to the end of winding.

Equipped with an impedance roller, the fly-wheel effect absorbs uneven tape speed and improves wow flutter.

Equipped with NAB/BTS equalizer switching mechanism.
In high-performance tapes with superior high-frequency characteristics, the SN ratio can be improved by recording and playing back with the BTS equalizer, making the best use of the characteristics of tapes.

Equipped with a peak level indicator using LED.
The lighting time is 70 ms depending on the memory circuit to prevent detection errors. The lighting level is + 12 dB at 38 cm speed and + 10 dB at 19 cm speed.

Equipped with a 20 dB microphone attenuator.

The microphone amplifier uses carefully selected FET at the first stage to reduce noise.

It has a queue mechanism that can be locked.
You can monitor the sound by pushing up the cue lever in the fast-forward state, or by manually rotating the reel with the lever finished and locked and the tape touching the head so that you can accurately find the heading and editing position.

It uses an opening and closing head housing.

It has a built-in memory auto-stop mechanism. If you preset the counter at the position you want to edit to 0000 and turn the memory auto-stop ON, the tape automatically stops at the preset position when rewinding.

A 4-track high-hardness permalloy head is used for the read head.

Equipped with a bias / equalizer independent switching mechanism.

Equipped with a memory marker with a Klix/Klukš top.

Equipped with timer recording / playback mechanism. By combining with the separately sold timer, it is possible to record absence and play alarm clock.

Equipped with a recording mode standby lamp.

Equipped with output level switching mechanism, output level can be changed from 0.3 V to 0.775 V.
Equipped with a separately sold remote control unit, it can be operated from a remote location.

Model Rating
Type Tape deck
Track format 2 tracks, 2 channels
4-track, 2-channel playback
Heads 4-head
Reel Types 26 and 17
Tape speed 38 cm, 19 cm
Motor For capstan : Hysteresis synchronous motor
For Reel : Eddy Current Motor
Wow and flutter 38cm:0.03%
Frequency characteristic 38 cm : 25 Hz to 28 kHz
19 cm : 25 Hz to 28 kHz
SN ratio (3% THD level, WTD) 60dB(NAB)
Distortion factor (reference level) 0.8%
Stereo Channel Separation 50dB
Input Mic : 0.25mV/-72dB (600 Ω or more)
Line : 0.1mV/50k Ω
Output Line : 0.3 V, 0.775V/10k Ω or more
Headphone : 8 Ω
External dimensions Width 440x Height 512x Depth 210 mm
Weight 22kg
Sold Separately Remote Control Unit RC-70 (¥ 10,500)