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Walkman with LCD remote control and hold shutter.

The remote control is equipped with LCD, WALKMAN logo performance function which informs the tape operation status and clock / year / month / day display function which can be used as a watch.
In addition, a newly developed ultra-small micro plug is used for the remote control part so that the headphone can be exchanged. The plug / jack part is gold-plated.

Equipped with a hold shutter for preventing misoperation.
In this system, the main operation buttons are arranged on the surface of the cassette cover, and a new vertical sliding hold shutter is installed. When the shutter is closed, it automatically enters the HOLD state to prevent accidental operation and battery exhaustion.

Sound leakage is reduced by using headphones and a new teardrop shape that matches the shape of the ear to reduce sound leakage through the gap between the earpiece and the ear. In addition, the Attractive Cap reduces unnecessary sound leakage by limiting the sound emission opening to the ear hole.
The headphones use Twin Derbo system.

An EX amorphous head is used for the head part.
This head uses amorphous material and an EX mechanism with a special tape guide that keeps the angle between the head and the tape constant.

Equipped with Dolby NRB as a noise reduction system.

Equipped with the Automatic Music Sensor (AMS), you can find the beginning and end of one song by simply pressing the FF/REW button during Play. This function can be operated from either the remote control or the console.

The anti-rolling mechanism is a mechanism designed by analyzing the dynamic characteristics of vibration from the viewpoint of the moment of inertia of the flywheel and the stability of the motor. It maintains a stable rotating state even when it is subjected to vibration while walking, and reduces sound vibration.

Equipped with a newly developed comfortable volume switch (A. V. L. S) as a limiter function, it constantly monitors the state of the music signal during playback and controls the volume emitted from the headphones so as not to exceed the point of sound leakage.

Equipped with an EXD. B. B. (Dynamic Bass Boost) circuit, you can enhance 50 Hz bass by up to 16 times.
In D. B. B., the emphasis is automatically adjusted according to the position of the volume knob at that time. In addition, in EX D. B. B., the amplification amount is linearly changed according to the volume change of the original sound to prevent the sensitivity of the weak sound from being lost.

0.7 mm thick body plate has been adopted.

Equipped with an auto tape selector.

Model Rating
Type Walkman
Heads EX Amorphous Head
Maximum practical power 5mW+5mW
Input / output terminal Stereo mini-jack
DC input : EIAJ uniform polarity DC input terminal, 1.5 V
Attached headphone Twin turbo system
Sound leakage reduction mechanism (70%)
A La Carte Headphones
Tape Ready Hi-Positive (CrO2), metal
Noise reduction Dolby B Type
Accessory function Heavy bass EX DBB circuit
Auto tape selector
Comfortable volume switch
Hold shutter
Music search LCD remote control
Find Music (AMS)
Oatley Bath
Surface A / Surface B Notification Function
Pwer Dry battery (AA 3)
Rechargeable Battery (NC-6WM)
Electric Power Line : AC-E15L + Attached Battery Case
Car Battery : DCC-E115L + Attached Dry Cell Case
Battery life time 2.5 hours (when using Sony Dry Battery New Super, EIAJ)
9.0 hours (Sony Dry Cell with New Alkali, EIAJ)
3.5 hours (when using rechargeable battery NC-6WM (when fully charged))
12.5 hours (when using rechargeable battery + alkaline dry battery)
1.5 hours (when using rechargeable battery NC-6WM (when charging for 10 minutes))
Maximum External Dimensions (EIAJ) Width 108.2x75.7x24.5 mm
Weight 175g (Including Rechargeable Batteries)
Attachment Headphone ear adapter
Headphone / Plug Adapter
Rechargeable Battery (NC-6WM)
Charger (10 minutes fast)
Dry battery (AA 3)
Dry battery case
Button Battery (SR1120SW)
Carrying Case (Pouch)
Sold Separately AC Adapter AC-E15L (1.5V/700mA, ¥ 3,000)
Car Battery DCC-E115L (1.5v/700mA, ¥ 3,500)