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Professional Walkman equipped with Dolby C.

As a noise reduction system, Dolby C is installed in addition to the conventional Dolby B.

Newly developed PLL (Phase Locked Loop) drive system is adopted in the mechanism part.
In this system, the rotational speed of the rotor is controlled by a servo circuit to achieve a stable tape speed. In addition, a cylindrical motor, which is less susceptible to external shocks, provides pure sound quality that is less susceptible to vibration.

Equipped with a newly developed comfortable volume switch (A. V. L. S) as a limiter function, the volume emitted from the headphones is controlled so as not to exceed the point of sound leakage by constantly monitoring the state of the music signal during playback.
The level of the comfort volume switch can be set (OFF/1/2) with the switch on the remote control.

Although it is a professional type, it realizes a compact body.
In addition, a 1.0 mm thick aluminum plate is used for the center lock lid and exterior to ensure excellent durability.

The headphone uses a V2 turbo mechanism to enhance the expansion of the high sound range and the impact of the low sound range.

Uses a sound swing guard mechanism (anti-rolling mechanism).
This mechanism was designed by analyzing the dynamic characteristics of vibration in terms of the moment of inertia of the flywheel and the stability of the motor. It reduces sound vibration by maintaining a stable rotation state even when it is subjected to vibration while walking.

The earphone is equipped with a remote control equipped with an AMS (Automatic Music Sensor) for searching for one song before and after. You can search by pressing the FF/REW button during Play. This function can be operated from both the remote control and the console.
The remote control is equipped with a newly developed ultra-small micro plug for easy replacement of headphones. The plug / jack is gold-plated.

The earphones use headphones that reduce sound leakage.
This earpiece uses a new teardrop shape that matches the shape of the ear to reduce sound leakage through the gap between the earpiece and the ear. In addition, the Attractive Cap reduces unnecessary sound leakage by limiting the opening for sound to the ear hole.

Equipped with A side / B side notification function, the running state of the tape can be confirmed by 2 LEDs of A and B on the body.
This function detects the presence or absence of the screw hole located in the center of the A-face of the cassette tape by the sensor switch inside the main body and judges the tape mounting direction.

Uses a center lock lid.

Equipped with an auto tape selector.

An EX amorphous head is used for the head part.
In addition to using amorphous material, this head uses an EX mechanism with a special tape guide that keeps the angle between the head and the tape constant to improve sound quality.

Equipped with an EXD. B. B. (Dynamic Bass Boost) circuit, you can enhance 50 Hz bass by up to 16 times.
In D. B. B., the emphasis is automatically adjusted according to the position of the volume knob at that time. In addition, in EX D. B. B., the amplification amount is linearly changed according to the volume change of the original sound to prevent the sensitivity of the weak sound from being lost.

It comes with a charger with a 10 minute quick charge function.
This charger can charge up to 50% of the full charge in 10 minutes and fully charge in 30 minutes. It also automatically switches between quick charge and normal charge depending on the remaining capacity of the rechargeable battery.

There are 2 color variations of titanium black and titanium silver.

Model Rating
Type Walkman
Heads EX Amorphous Head
Maximum practical power 5mW+5mW
Input / output terminal Stereo mini-jack
DC input : EIAJ uniform polarity DC input terminal, 1.5 V
Attached headphone V2 turbo system
Sound leakage reduction mechanism (50%)
A La Carte Headphones
Tape Ready Hi-Positive (CrO2), metal
Noise reduction Dolby Type C, Type B
Remote control Music search remote controller with LED
Accessory function Heavy bass EX DBB circuit
Auto tape selector
Comfortable volume switch
Find Music (AMS)
Oatley Bath
Surface A / Surface B Notification Function
Pwer Dry battery (AA 3)
Rechargeable Battery (NC-6WM)
Electric Power Line : AC-E15L + Attached Battery Case
Car Battery : DCC-E115L + Attached Dry Cell Case
Battery life time 1.0 hours (when using Sony Dry Battery New Super, EIAJ)
5.5 hours (Sony Dry Cell with New Alkali, EIAJ)
2.0 hours (when using rechargeable battery NC-6WM (when fully charged))
7.0 hours (when using rechargeable battery + alkaline dry battery)
Maximum External Dimensions (EIAJ) Width 79.7x110.2x29.1 mm
Weight 235g (Including Rechargeable Batteries)
Attachment Remote Control / Wireless Receiver
Headphone ear adapter
Headphone / Plug Adapter
Rechargeable Battery (NC-6WM)
Charger (10 minutes fast)
Dry battery (AA 3)
Dry battery case
Carrying Case (Pouch)
Sheet for 2-way plug
Sold Separately AC Adapter AC-E15L (1.5V/700mA, ¥ 3,000)
Car Battery DCC-E115L (1.5v/700mA, ¥ 3,500)