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This is a stereo power amplifier developed with the aim of bringing out the music reproduction ability of SACD and conventional sources and sufficiently driving any speaker.

It uses a strong power supply and low impedance output stage that can supply large current. Moreover, by eliminating interference between blocks handling small signals and blocks handling large current, excellent quality is ensured from small level to large output.

The pre-drive stage employs a newly developed linear phase circuit with excellent frequency and phase characteristics. In addition, the entire pre-drive stage is made into a metal core module to increase reliability and make the structure resistant to external vibration.

The output stage is equipped with five parallel power MOS-FETs per channel, enabling the reproduction of a strong and deep bass sound. The power MOS-FET used in the TA-N1 uses non-magnetic gold plating for the base plate and lead wires of the MOS-FET to improve the sound quality.

The power supply section uses a 1.5 kva, 13 kg NEW torus toroidal power transformer.
In order to take advantage of the toroidal core with high conversion efficiency and low magnetic flux leakage, this transformer has a circular cross section of the core (iron core) to reduce vibration to about 1 / 4 of the conventional one.
In addition, it is enclosed in an NF (non-fired) ceramic case with high hardness and excellent vibration damping characteristics to take thorough anti-vibration measures.

A single 16-kg heat sink is placed on the left and right sides of the chassis, and a 15-mm-thick front panel and a 10-mm-thick rear panel are combined. The power transformer and electrolytic capacitor, which are heavy items, are mounted on the center chassis to achieve an excellent weight balance.
Non-magnetic aluminum is used for the front panel, rear panel and center chassis.

Two speaker jacks are provided.
We have adopted a newly developed large terminal that is compatible with banana plugs and Y-lug terminals.

Two unbalanced inputs and one balanced input are provided.
The input section uses a relay for signal switching.

Model Rating
Type Stereo power amplifier
Gain 28dB
Rated output 600W + 600W (2 Ω)
400W + 400W (4 Ω)
200W + 200W (8 Ω)
Load impedance 2 Ω ~ 16 Ω
Frequency characteristic 5 Hz ~ 300 kHz + 0 -1dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB (input short, A-Fil)
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.008% (8 Ω load at 10W)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 800W
External dimensions Width 480x Height 245x Depth 530 mm
Weight Approx. 70 kg
Attachment Power cord
Power plug conversion adapter