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The highest quality FM/AM tuner was developed in preparation for the full-scale FM era by thoroughly pursuing high S/N and low distortion factor.

The front end is equipped with three highly input-resistant, low-noise dual-gate MOS FETs and a four connected linear varicon to ensure stable reception.

The IF stage uses a combination of three ICs, a crystal filter, and a block filter to improve selectivity.

The multi-circuit uses an LC-type carrier leak filter and an SCA filter.

It is equipped with a stereo only switch that receives only stereo broadcast transmission radio waves.

The AGC circuit is equipped with a 3-stage switch that can change the AGC characteristics, and good reception is possible regardless of short or long distance.

The AM tuner uses a 3-row varicon and a large ferrite bar antenna to improve the Radio noises rejection capability.

Uses a 2-meter system and has AM/FM/FM stereo indicators.

Equipped with FM / MPX noise canceller, muting switch, level control, level adjuster, FM auto function, etc.

The wood case was sold separately.

Model Rating
Type FM/AM Tuner
<FM Part>
Receiving frequency 76 MHz to 90 MHz
Sensitivity 1.4 μ V (20 dB)
1.8 μ V (IHF)
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.5%
Signal-to-noise ratio 65dB
Selectivity 70dB
Capture Ratio (IHF) 1.5dB
IF Rejection 100dB
Image ratio 90dB
Spurious response 100dB
Stereo separation 38dB
Unwanted radiation 34dB
Antenna input impedance 300 Ω balance
75 Ω unbalance
<AM Department>
Receiving frequency 535 kHz to 1605 kHz
Sensitivity 150 μ V (bar antenna)
30 μ V (IHF)
Image Friquency Rejection 80dB
Selectivity 20dB
Output voltage 0 V ~ 2 V
Tape Rec:0.4V
Power consumption 19W
External dimensions Width 435x Height 155x Depth 316 mm
Weight 10.1kg
Sold Separately Wood Case C-5 (¥ 4,150)