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59,900yen(around the 1970 time)

The highest-class FM/AM tuner which prepared for the full-scale FM age and was developed thoroughly in pursuit of high S/N and low-distortion-izing.

An input-proof is high in a front end part, and has adopted the three low noise dual gates MOS FET and 4-unit linear variable condensers as it, and the stable reception is realized.

The combination of three ICs, a crystal filter, and a block filter is adopted as IF stage, and selectivity is improved in it.

LC type a carrier leakage filter and a SCA filter are used for a multi-circuitry.

The stereo only switchpoint which receives only the radio wave of stereophonic broadcasting is carried.

The automatic gain control circuit carries the switchpoint changed to three steps in an AGC property, and a good reception is possible for it regardless of a close range and a far range.

AM tuner part has adopted the triple variable condenser and the large-sized ferrite bar antenna, and is improving the exclusion capacity of jamming.

A 2m scheme is adopted. Moreover, the AM/FM/FM stereo indicator is carried.

A FM-MPX noise cancellar, the muting switch, the level control, the level adjuster, FM auto functionality, etc. are carried.

The wood case was an option.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM section>
Received frequency 76MHz - 90MHz
Sensitivity 1.4 microvolts (20dB)
1.8 microvolts (IHF)
THD 0.5%
S/N ratio 65dB
Selectivity 70dB
Capture ratio (IHF) 1.5dB
IF rejection 100dB
Image ratio 90dB
Spurious response 100dB
Stereo separation 38dB
Unnecessary radiation 34dB
Antenna input impedance 300-ohm balance
75-ohm unbalance
<AM section>
Received frequency 535kHz - 1605kHz
Sensitivity 150 microvolts (bar antenna)
30 microvolts (IHF)
Image frequency rejection 80dB
Selectivity 20dB
Output voltage 0V-2V
Tape Rec:0.4V
Power consumption 19W
Dimensions Width 435x height 155x depth of 316mm
Weight 10.1kg
Option Wood case C-5 (4,150yen)