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28,500yen(one set, the June, 1966 release)

The speaker system simultaneously announced as SP-100 as the first phase of a speaker of an SANSUI. It was developed aiming at such a natural sound that it is not made conscious of a speaker.

A 30cm cone type unit is adopted as low-pass.
Developing the thing of a little thick and hard quality of paper on cone paper, the edge has adopted the rolled type of a cross.
The magnetic circuit with the flux density of 10,000gauss is adopted as a magnetic circuit.

Two 12cm cone type units are adopted as the mid range.
It is made the structure which sealed the rear surface and the influence from other units is avoided.
The special cone is adopted as a cone.

Two horn type units are adopted as the high region.

The special design coil of 12 dB/oct which employed the transformer technology of the SANSUI in the network efficiently is adopted, and three steps of tap type level controls are carried.

An enclosure is a bass-reflex scheme by a pipe duct, and the interference is suppressed by putting acoustic material into the interior.
A material is a chipboard of 21mm of board thicknesses, and serves as walnut finish.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 5 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Unit For low-pass: 30cm cone type
For mid ranges: 12cm cone type x2
For high regions: 5cm horn type x2
Frequency characteristic 35Hz - 20000Hz
The maximum input 40W
Impedance 8ohms
Output sound pressure level 100dB/W
Cross over frequency 1500Hz, 5000Hz (12 dB/oct)
Dimensions Width 382x height 655x depth of 320mm
Weight 18.4kg