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A bookshelf type speaker system that employs a multi-direction system.

In the multi-direction system, the directivity of the medium and high sound speaker unit is crossed to the inside to expand the listening area. At the same time, the combination of sound waves and waves is enriched to create an acoustic interference pattern, and the reproduction of natural presence in the raw sound field is attempted.

A 25 cm cone woofer is installed in the low range.
This unit uses a special pre-cone and a mechanical filter installed between the cone and bobbin. It has a characteristic that the high-frequency band rapidly attenuates at a fixed frequency without passing through a network. This allows the woofer to be connected directly to the amplifier without a network, thus reducing the disturbance of characteristics.

In the middle area, two 10 cm cone type skokers with concave aluminum radiator are mounted.
The voice coil is made of copper coated aluminum wire (CCAW), which is light and has good conductivity. The screen protector diffuses the high-frequency band to achieve a mellow sound quality. A large sealed cover is attached to the back of the voice coil to prevent rear interference with the woofer.
There is enough acetate sound-absorbing material inside the cover.

Two types of 1.9 cm dome type tweeters equipped with a short horn with high aperture ratio are installed in the high range.
One tweeter uses a hard aluminum diaphragm and the other uses a metalized Mylar diaphragm. The difference in the hardness and mass of these two materials is reflected in the sound quality as a difference in the sense of volume and the rise, thus producing a high-pitched sound that is less addictive.

Coils using E-type ferrite e-type ferrite core to improve the reduction of distortion, high-frequency loss and damping factor.
In addition, it is equipped with a level control, so that the middle and high sound can be adjusted by 3 steps with ± 3 db each.

2-way and 3-way ECS terminals are included for easy switching between full range l, 2-way and 3-way. Safety circuit is mounted.

The enclosure the angle of the front panel of the duct, you can choose from three types of enclosures : airtight, ダンプド and bass reflex, and bass reflex.
The finish is a walnut open pore finish.

Model Rating
Method 3-way, 5-speaker, variable bass reflex system, bookshelf type
Unit For low band : 25 cm cone type
For Medium Range : 10 cm Cone Type x2
For High Pass : 1.9 cm Aluminum Dome Type
1.9 cm Mylar dome type
Frequency characteristic 30 Hz to 20 kHz
40 Hz ~ 20 kHz (Anechoic Room)
Maximum allowable input 40W
Impedance 8 Ω
Output sound pressure level 94dB/W/m (New JIS)
Crossover frequency 750 Hz, 6500 Hz (12dB/oct.)
Level control Mid-range : 3 steps (+ 3 db, Flat, -3dB)
Treble : 3 steps (+ 3 db, Flat, -3dB)
External dimensions Width 388x Height 604x Depth 285 mm
Weight 19.0kg