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16,100yen (one-set, around the 1970 in-the-early time)

The thin speaker system thinner and developed aiming at Hi-Fi more.
It has a structure somewhat smaller than SL-7.

The 16cm cone type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The cone paper which made the high kraft pulp of the Young's modulus the entity is adopted as a cone, and also in order to think musicality as important, while the principal components of the musical instrument had gathered, the point was put also on the rich play of compass, and the aluminum dome radiator is adopted.
In addition, the ferrite magnet is adopted as a special polyurethane rubber edge, a damper with a sufficient linearity, and a magnetic circuit.

In order to improve a low-pass play, a 16cm pssiveradiator is adopted.
By oscillation of this cone, a pssiveradiator is reverse in a phase, makes the bass which is a cone type unit without a magnetic circuit, and came out to the backplane of the Woofer unit, and is aiming at the modification of the bass play.
The linearity which was excellent also in the large swing with adoption of a special polyurethane rubber edge or a piano wire damper has been acquired.

The horn type tweeter which aimed at high-efficiency-izing and a directive modification is carried in the high region.

LC type of 12 dB/oct which harnessed the transformer technology is adopted as a network part.

The enclosure is using the high special plywood and particle board of a hardness, and the member which is a Japanese traditional-handicrafts article is attached.

There were two kinds, SL-5 which employed native wood Spinar's bark of a tree efficiently, and SL-5W of white finish.

There was a table lamp only for a foot type of aluminum finish as an option.

The Horn

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways and 2 speaker passive radiator scheme
- Bookshelf type
Unit For low-pass: 16cm cone type
For high regions: 5cm horn type
Others: 16cm pssiveradiator
Frequency characteristic 50Hz - 20kHz (anechoic chamber)
35Hz - 20kHz (in Normal listening room)
The maximum input 20W
Impedance 8ohms
Output sound pressure level 96dB/W
Cross over frequency 6.5kHz
Network 12dB/oct
Dimensions Width 369x height 511x depth of 143mm
Weight 6.4kg
Option Foot type speaker table lamp L-1