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33,600yen(one-set , around the 1972 time)

The indirectional speaker system considered and developed so that a spread of sound peculiar to raw sound field which is rich and is wrapped in, such as a concert hall, might be told as it is.

The para-drive scheme by two 16.5cm cone type units is adopted as low-pass.
Since a real cone space product increases sharply, a play of a heavy bass is possible.

The 5.8cm cone type unit designed in consideration of relation and tone of a low-pass sound is adopted as the high region.
In order to avoid a backplane interference with a Woofer, the back side is covered with the large-sized tight cover.

The reflector is attached to the upper and lower sides of a fraction to which the unit was attached, and the elastic wave is made to radiate in all the orientations uniformly.

The network which has a direct coupling woofer by a mechanical filter and a gently-sloping curve of 6dB / oct row cut in a network is adopted, and natural and smooth relation has been obtained.
Moreover, the volume type in which a precise coordination is possible is adopted as the attenuator for high regions.

The enclosure has adopted the curve member of natural hinoki material as four fields, and also spreads the newly developed acoustic diffuser around the interior, and makes the diffusion of sound much more precise.

(From a top to a sequence )
Top reflector
Top Woofer
Acoustic material
Curve member
Pipe duct
Acoustic diffuser
Lower Woofer
Lower reflector
Input terminal


Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type
Unit For low-pass: 16.5cm cone type x2
For high regions: 5.8cm cone type
Frequency band 55Hz - 20000Hz
Maximum permissible input 45W
Impedance 8ohms
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Cross over frequency 2000Hz(6dB/oct)
Dimensions Width 370x height 563x depth of 370mm
Weight 12.0kg