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The pictorial image of compact disk-alpha 717D Extra

SANSUI compact disk-alpha 717D Extra
89,800yen(around the 1989 time)

The compact disk player which adopted New L.D.C.S of the MASH scheme.

New L.D.C.S of the 1-bit D-A-conversion scheme on the basis of a quartz-crystal oscillation is carried in the D-A-conversion part.
The digital signal was changed into the PWM signal in the MASH section, and since an analog signal is direct outputted through a low pass filter, it has canceled theoretically the occurrence of zero cross distortion or non-linear distortion.
Furthermore, the PWM output of a digital analog converter is constituted to 4DAC twin balance system, and while gaining the SN ratio which was excellent with a removal of a common mode noise, and an enhancement of the output signal, the reduction of sub- higher-harmonic distortion is aimed at.
Furthermore, in order to employ the special feature of MASH efficiently, an original technology is supplied to an off-site circuitry, and it has more the reproductivity of the signal of minute level, and a structure which raised SN of the systemwide.

4 motor mechanism which consists of a linear motor which was compatible in tray loading, a mechanism-chassis up and a rapid access, and silence of independent 2 motor which realizes a smooth operation, and a spindle motor is used for a mechanism part. Moreover, the vibration proof effect is heightened by considering it as a triple chassis structure.

In order to secure the performance stabilized as body of revolution to a disk tray, the liquid crystal polymer is adopted.
This has realized the tray of the accuracy of dimension which was the material which offered the outstanding vibrational absorption property, and also was excellent with high rigidity and elasticity since the expansion coefficient was low.

In the power-source part, in order to carry out the full separation of a digital system and the analog system from the stage of a transformer in consideration of a cross interferencee, the transformer is carried two sets.
Furthermore, the cross interferencee is eliminated as an independent 9 power-source stream composition, a high speed power source is carried in an analog part and L.D.C.S, and the power-source part with powerful independent source and interval is constituted.

In order to prevent the ill effect from inflow and the servo circuitry of the servo electric current to an audio part, the original dynamic balance servo system is adopted as a servo circuitry.
Moreover, the NEW dynamic servo system which negates the crossover distortion of servo drive amplifier is carried, and noise exclusion is put into practice.

The digital output carries light with an On/Off switchpoint, and two coaxials.
Moreover, the amplifier which equipped the balance output which prevents inflow of the noise through a grounding, and was equipped with the balance input terminal, and an interconnection are possible.

COMPUEDIT in which efficient tapes dubbing is possible is carried.

Functionalities, such as convenient for special-NetWare-program setups variable scan & following memory functionality, random play, and 2 position repeat, are carried.

Remote control is attached.

Internal Power-source

Rating of a mode
Form Alpha-X balanced and a compact disk player
Reading scheme Non-contact optical scheme
Pickup form A high precision and 3 beam semiconductor laser scheme
Rotational frequency 200rpm - 500rpm
The number of channels Two channels
Digital analog converter 1-bit linear & direct combartion system (4DAC)
Frequency characteristic DC-20kHz}0.3dB
THD (1kHz) 0.0025% or less
Dynamic range 98dB or more (EIAJ)
Wow and flutter Below a limit-of-measurement value
SN ratio 105dB or more (EIAJ)
Output voltage 2V
Power dissipation 27W
Dimensions Width 466x height 127.5x depth of 397.5mm
Weight 11.0kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control RS-1110