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39,900yen (? at the 1973 time)


The four-channel synthesizer which carries the original phase modulation circuit and phase shifter by an SANSUI QS scheme.

QS-1 and rear ones -- a play of four channels is possible by adding the power amplifier of business, or an Integrated Amplifier.

A four-channel play of a four matrices record or not only an FM broadcast but a record, a tapes, and the two-channel source by FM stereophonic broadcasting is possible. Moreover, it has the control functionality of a four discretes source play.

The function switch is carried and the sound field effect of four channels and reappearance scheme which were united with eye music, the organization, and the sound-recording scheme can be chosen.

Since a front and the output circuit of rear have two lines, Low and High, favorite amplifier can be chosen regardless of a main amplifier and an Integrated Amplifier.

A dynamic range is expandable with a phase modulation circuit original with an SANSUI.

In order to obtain natural sound field, the semi- electronic circuitry by IC developed especially is adopted.

The four-channel sound recording of the two-channel source with a four-channel tape deck is possible.

The right-and-left balance of a front and rear can be adjusted independent.
Moreover, the balance coordination of a front and rear serves as a slide system.

Four VU meter which a balance can check is carried.

(from the left)
- Grounding terminal
- 2CH input terminal (it connects with the sound-recording termination of front amplifier)
- 2CH tape recording output
- 2CH tapes play input
- 4CH tape recording output
- 4CH tapes play input
- 4CH rear output-terminal (it connects with a main amplifier)
- 4CH front output-terminal (it connects with the play termination of a pre-main)
- Power receptacle
- Power-source fuse
- Power cord

Rating of a mode
Form Four-channel synthesizer
Input sensitivity/impedance Rated input: 130mV / 50kohm (2ch)
The minimum input: 90mV (2ch)
Tapes monitor 2ch:130mV /, 50kohm
4ch: 775mV / 50kohm
Output voltage
Output power (0VU) Low output:130mV(4ch)
High output:430mV(4ch)
Maximum output Low output:1V(4ch)
High output:3.5V(4ch)
Sound-recording output 130mV(2ch)
Frequency characteristic Front: 20Hz-20kHz}1dB
Rear Solo: -10dB (10kHz)
Concert hall 1:20Hz-20kHz+1 -2 dB
Concert hall 2: The right of +6dB (50Hz), left +6dB (10kHz)
Surround: +6dB (50Hz)
Synthesizer circuitry An SANSUI QS matrix scheme, a PE
Rear channel phase modulation A maximum of 180 degrees (based on 10kHz and an SANSUI PE)
The semiconductor used Transistor: 20 pieces
IC: Eight pieces
Diode: 12 pieces
Zener diode: One piece
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 395x height 127x depth of 278mm
Weight 5.5kg