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A channel divider developed for multi-channel amplifier applications and used in combination with BA-60, BA-90, etc.

The CD-5 consists of 13 transistors and diodes.
Two diodes are used for rectification, one transistor is used as a filter to eliminate ripple in the rectified voltage, and the remaining 10 transistors are 2SC-458LG (NPN type low-noise silicon transistor) used as a frequency filter.

It is used for 2-channel multi-amplifier and 3-channel multi-amplifier, and the terminal for full range is also mounted.

The crossover cutoff characteristics can be switched between 6dB/oct. and 12dB/oct. In this case, the filter is a CR type filter at 6dB/oct. and an emitter-follower type NF filter at 12dB/oct.

Equipped with an unlock button.
The crossover frequency switch knob does not turn unless this button is pressed. This prevents inadvertent switching of the frequency and damage to the unit.

Model Rating
Type 2ch/3ch Channel divider
Maximum Input Voltage 3V
Rated output voltage 2V
Input impedance 100k Ω
Output impedance 10k Ω or more
Crossover frequency 2 ch High : 200, 340, 560, 900 Hz
2 ch Low : 2.5k, 3.6k, 5k, 7 kHz
6dB/oct, 12dB/oct switchable
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.3% or Less (at Rated Output)
Configuration 11 tr, 2 di
External dimensions Width 152x Height 111x Depth 264 mm
Weight 2.7kg