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B-209  The pictorial image of The Tube

SANSUI B-209 The Tube * 200-set limited production
750,000yen(1997 release)

Thermionic-tube power amplifier completed by one-set one-set handmade by skillful craft Manship

Mr. George Kaye who designed the thermionic-tube type analog part of the analog-to-digital converter currently used for the sound recording of the Chesky record is appointed as a development of B-209 as a key person, and also it is Mr. Kaya's basis,Main quality parts, such as the thermionic tube, a capacitor, and a resistor of Dale, are also arranged in the U.S., and the technique of Mr. George Kaye's thermionic-tube amplifier is united with the amplifier technology of an SANSUI at the high number of dimensions.

The thermionic tube adopted as the output tube the 6L6goal-concept push pull which was being used for AU-111 and which is easy to come to hand, and has gained Hearing impression S/N which used it for 5U4G and an input pipe by 6SL7, used 6SN7 for the driver pipe by the direct-current ignition, and was excellent in the rectifier tube.
Moreover, the product line by handmade was put into practice, without using a platform about a product line, and the problem of the natural oscillation produced from the whole platform is solved.
The main wires which gave the internal wiring by a silver plating line and the Teflon coating are direct wiring altogether.
Moreover, the grand product line performed wiring of the Tip-of-the-Day grounding scheme, and has controlled the right electrical circuit operation.

The power transformer and the filter capacitor of 1200 micro F of SPRAGUE usings x2 which are proud of 150% of margin are used for a power-source part.
Furthermore, it is using it combining the fill according [ according to / in a coupling capacitor / Kimber cap / an output transformer ] to OFC material and a special wax, and allotting a power-source part in the center, and considering it as a symmetry layout,While shortest-izing a signal path, the optimal weight balance is realized, and the occurrence and the propagation of an oscillation are controlled.

It is made with the prejudice put into practice also among finish of appearance.
The front panel has combined the natural Naked material of aluminum satin of the champagne gold of a maximum of 14mm thickness, and a rosewood, and has adopted the aluminum bonnet and the W bottom chassis.
An operation knob uses the thing of inlay work finish for the base by which brass cutting was carried out, and the "山水" logo mark minced by the front panel embeds a values by electric casting surface 18 gilding finish after a panel sculpture manipulation.
Moreover, the model name of the center wood panel serves as polyesters satin finish of the inlay work values.

Silver pins are used for the installment socket of the thermionic tube with the ceramic body.

Adopting the input terminal of a gilding treatment, an output-terminal is a banana-plug correspondence.

The connector type gilding plug AC code is carried.

Right-and-left independence movement volume.

Two variables, input terminal loading of one direct.
EIA specification rack-mounted adapter adjunct.

The The

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo power amplifier
Output power 30W+30W (4ohm-8ohm)
THD 0.5%(1W)
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - 50000Hz (1W±3dB)
Input sensitivity Variable: 220mV
Direct: 500mV
Input impedance 100kohm
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power dissipation 200W
Dimensions Width 445x height 190x depth of 445mm
Weight 24.5kg