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The pictorial image of AU-X1111MOS VINTAGE

400,000yen(around the 1988 time)

Amplifier with which the end of the X-series which began from AU-X1 was decorated.

In order that the amplifier which operates on the basis of a grounding might drive a speaker between an amplifier output and a grounding, it was easy to receive the noise and the distorted influence from a grounding, and it carried out the tone-quality failure.
In order to solve this problem, the balance circuitry on the basis of a grounding is adopted. In this circuitry, since it becomes a double push pull which also drives - side of a speaker from bothways on the same requirements as + side, the noise and the unnecessary RF component that it was distorted were canceled, and the image excellent in the low distortion has been realized.
Furthermore, the noise from a power-source part is not mixed, either, but there is also no occurrence of IHM (Interface Hum Modulation) by the counter-electromotive force from a speaker.
Moreover, the impedance variation and phase change of a speaker are also supported.

The balance power-source stream composition made into the closed loop unrelated to a grounding circuitry also with the power circuit which operates a balance circuitry is adopted.
Moreover, it is from a capacity to [ without only pursuing weightiness / examine part each from the viewpoint of a tone quality and an electric performance to all, and ] the core quality of the material, the quality of the material of a winding, etc.,Adoption of the newly developed heavy weight class transformer that added the many-sided study was begun, and the selection of the custom-made electrolytic capacitor for audios or first recovery diode has realized low-impedance-izing of the whole power-source part, and high speed-ization.

For the measure against a noise to the digital equipment connected, a line filter was not inserted, but it was consistent from the included signal circuit to the power circuit for the power stage, and the original balance transmit way is adopted.
Since the balance transmit of + side and the - side is carried out, a hum and a noise component are cancellable, and since it dissociates from - side, the grounding has stopped influencing by the hum or a noise component moreover in a signal path.
Thereby, the SN ratio and transparent feeling on Hearing impression are improving.

The twin monophonic construction which inherited the thought of separate power amplifier is adopted. The power-source part centering on a large-sized power transformer was placed in the center, it dissociated symmetrically and the power amplifier part mounted on the heat sinker is arranged. Thereby, an effective improvement is made also in the crosstalk of a L/R inter-unit, an oscillation of a power supply system, and an interference of a music signal.
Furthermore, the master volume and the volume of each right and left are also completely made into the independent structure.
And the influence of the digital nature electromagnetic-wave noise from the outside and a magnetic distortion is banished at the same time it aims at the improvement in the shielding property between stages and eliminates the cross interferencee of a signal.

While adopting a pure-copper board as installment parts, such as Power MOS FET, a power transformer, and a master volume, and giving a copper plating shielding to a sole plate,The large-sized insulator of the pure-copper Naked which stretched the felt place was adopted, and oscillating measures are taken over the detail, such as also easing the influence on the tone quality from a ground plane.

MOS FET is adopted as a diamond power stage by every four double push pulls each at four places of right and left of a total of 16 pieces and the power stage, and +-.

A video input termination is equipped, and when VTR is connected, a switchover and dubbing of an image are also supported.
In order to cope with the problem that the RF component of a picture signal has an ill effect on a tone quality, about a picture signal, no product-line leading about in a chassis is performed, but it is processing with IC switchpoint at the pin-jack backplane of a rear panel.
Moreover, also physically and electrically, the thorough separation of the crosspoint of an audio signal and a picture signal is carried out by supplying electric power from a transformer also with a power source different from an audio system for IC, and also preparing an independent ON/OFF switchpoint.

In order to investigate a real quality also in a design side, the wood panel which uses a real rosewood is adopted as both sub-s and a heavens side. Furthermore, the front glass panel and the shower light are adopted.

Presence control functional loading which raises low-pass energy slightly inside without the play at the time of a small sound volume also changing a tone.

It is the front panel about separation of a pre part main part, and operational. The power amplifier input level of a right-and-left independency is equipped.

The The
The interior of AU-X1111MOS VINTAGE

Rating of a mode
Form Master integrated amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Effective output (10Hz - 20kHz, both channel operation) 150W+150W (6ohms)
110W+110W (8ohms)
Dynamic power 320W+320W (2ohms)
240W+240W (4ohms)
190W+190W (6ohms)
THD (at the time of 10Hz - 20kHz, and an effective output) 0.008% (8ohms)
Cross modulation distortion (60Hz:7kHz=4:1, SMPTE) 0.008% (8ohms)
Dumping factor 200 (8ohms)
Frequency characteristic (1W) DC-300kHz (+0dB, -3dB)
Input sensitivity/input impedance (1kHz) 1V (5kohm)
SN ratio (A network) 115dB or more
Envelope distortion Below a limit-of-measurement value
TIM distortion (SAWTOOTH) Below a limit-of-measurement value
Slew rate ±150v/microsec (8ohms)
Rise time 0.5microsec
Headphone output 400mW (33ohms)
Load impedance 4-16ohm
<Preamplifier part>
Input sensitivity/input impedance (1kHz) Phono man month: 2.0mV / 47kohm
Tuner, compact disk, Tape Play 1, 2, and 3, Line1, 2:150mV / 47kohm
Maximum permissible input Phono MM:200mV(1kHz
Output voltage (1kHz) Tape Rec(PIN): 150mV / 47kohm
Output load impedance (1kHz) Tape Rec (PIN): 600ohms or more
SN ratio (A network) Phono man month: 88dB or more
Tuner, compact disk, Tape Play1, 2 and 3, Line1, 2:110dB or more
Subsonic Filter 16Hz (-3dB, 6 dB/oct)
Presence (Volume-40dB) +2dB(200Hz)
Audio muting -20dB
Power dissipation (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 350W
Dimensions Width 470x height 178x depth of 486mm
Weight 35.1kg