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68,800yen(around the 1975 time)

It is the Integrated Amplifier which aimed at the leap of a practical performance and a tone quality, and adopted the triple tone control and the perfect defeet scheme.

The differential-amplification circuitry which combined the pear transistor in which the amplification stabilized in the first rank of the power amplifier fraction is possible is adopted.
Moreover, the heteropolarity power transistor to which the three-step Darlington-connection circuitry was equal to the drive stage, and the property was equal at the last output stage was carried out, and it has it.

The high gain monolithic type customer specific IC is used for an equalizer amplifier. Big NFB was applied by high gain and the flat property and the large frequency band have been obtained.

In addition to Bass and Treble, the triple tone control which can also adjust Midrange is used for tone amplifier.
It is NF type which selected carefully and uses a low-noise type transistor for a first rank input and with which a gentle property is acquired.
Moreover, the perfect defeet of the tone control circuit is carried out, and a flat property can be acquired.

The grounding of all the circuitries is carrying out the Tip-of-the-Day grounding in the input unit of the equalizer amplifier without the chassis grounding.
Each circuitry operates normally by this and stability is improving.

The low filter which cuts the grounder a low filter and low-pass which cut the scratch noise and the jarring noise in a high region is carried.

The good large-sized power transformer of a regulation is used for a power-source part.
The stabilizing supply is supplied to an equalizer amplifier and tone amplifier.

The protection network which combined the electronic circuitry, the relay, and the immediate judgment fuse is adopted.
The detectors are reliable overprotection circuitries, such as an ambient-temperature detector of a power transistor, and an abnormal-voltage detector of a speaker protection.
Moreover, it serves also as the pop noise preventing at the time of power activation.

The tapes monitor is carried two lines and the tape copy of 1->2 or 2->1 is possible using two sets.

The loudness switchpoint useful at the time of a small sound volume is carried.

the audio muting switch which even a switchpoint comes out and is set to -20dB is carried.

The stereo / monophonic mode changeover switch is carried.

OFF/A/B/A+B is possible for a speaker switching.

The separation switchpoint of a pre-main is carried.

The DIN plug socket is carried.

The large-sized grounding terminal and standby AC plug socket is carried.

Backplane Power-source

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Effective output
Both channel operation 20Hz-20kHz:30W+30W (8ohm)
1kHz: 35W+35W (8ohm)
One-side-channel operation 1kHz:38W/38W (8ohm)
Music power 130W (4 ohm, 1kHz)
THD Pre Amp: 0.1% or less
Main Amp: 0.1% or less
Over All: 0.15% or less
Cross modulation distortion (70Hz:7kHz=4:1, SMPTE) Pre Amp: 0.1% or less
Main Amp: 0.1% or less
Over All: 0.2% or less
Power Band Width (IHF) 5Hz - 30kHz
Frequency characteristic (at the time of 1W output) 10Hz-35kHz+0.5 -1 dB
RIAA deflection (30Hz - 15kHz) }0.5dB
Dumping factor 30 (8ohm)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 2.5mV / 50kohm
Tuner, AUX, Tape Monitor(Pin/Din):100mV /, 50kohm
Main Amp: 800mV / 50kohm
Phono maximum permissible input (less than THD 0.2%) 200mV
Output voltage (1kHz) Tape Rec(Pin/Din):100mV/30mV
Pre Amp:800mV
channel separation (1kHz) Phono: 50dB or more
Tuner/AUX, Tape Monitor: 55dB or more
Main Amp: 60dB or more
A hum and a noise (IHF) Phono: 70dB or more
Tuner, AUX: 85dB or more
Main Amp: 100dB or more
Tone control Bass: }13dB (50Hz)
Midrange: }5dB (1kHz)
Treble: }13dB (15kHz)
Loudness (Volume-30dB o'clock) + 10dB (50Hz), +8dB (10kHz)
A low filter 70Hz=-3dB(6dB/oct)
A high filter 7kHz=-3dB(6dB/oct)
Muting -20dB
Power dissipation 70W
Dimensions Width 434x height 130x depth of 315mm
Weight 10.4kg