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39,800yen(1975 release)

The power which has allowance in basic thought in tone-quality serious consideration, and the Integrated Amplifier which gave the tone control functionality.

The dual transistor with high stability to which the property was equal is adopted as an output stage, and circuitry is made into the whole page hardwired-connection pure complimentary scheme. Moreover, a distortion harmful from low-pass to a high region is pressed down by supplying +-2 power source to all the circuitries.
Furthermore, +-power source was used and the it1 noise generated at the time of a switchpoint switching is reduced.

The two-step hardwired-connection circuitry which combined the low-noise transistor and the part selected carefully is used for an equalizer part, and it has become a low-noise and a low distortion.

The tone control part has adopted the it1 step type. Moreover, the gentle property has been acquired by two-step hardwired-connection tone amplifier and CR type tone control circuit.

The mic mixing circuitry in which level adjustment is possible is carried.
The voice of the stereo source and a mic is mixed, it can play, and the mixed voice can be taken out from a sound-recording termination.

The electronic circuitry and the protection network by relay are adopted.

A push-button type selector, a row / high filter, a loudness, a muting, the tapes monitor, the mode switching, the headset jack, and the mic jack are carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Effective output 35W+35W (8 ohm, both channel operation, 40Hz - 20kHz)
38W+38W (8 ohm, both channel operation, 1kHz)
40W+40W (8 ohm, a one-side-channel operation, 1kHz)
Music power 140W (4 ohm, 1kHz)
THD 0.15% or less
Cross modulation distortion (70Hz:7kHz=4:1, SMPTE) 0.2% or less (Output power)
Power Band Width (IHF) 5Hz - 40kHz
Frequency characteristic (1 W:00) 10Hz-40kHz+0.5 -1.5 dB
RIAA deflection (30Hz - 15kHz) ±0.5dB
Dumping factor 50 (8ohm)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 2.5mV / 50kohm
((Less than) 230mV of maximum permissible inputs, and THD 0.2%)
Mic: 2.5mv/10kohm
Tuner, Aux, Tape Monitor:130mV /, 50kohm
Output voltage (1kHz) Tape Rec(Pin):100mV
channel separation (1kHz) Phono: 60dB or more
A hum and a noise Phono: 75dB or more
Tone control Bass: ±12dB (50Hz)
Treble: ±12dB (15kHz)
Loudness (Volume-30dB o'clock) + 10dB (50Hz), +8dB (10kHz)
A high filter 7kHz, 6dB / oct
A low filter 100Hz, 6dB / oct
Muting -20dB
Power dissipation 76W
Dimensions Width 400x height 120x depth of 240mm
Weight 6.3kg