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SANSUI AU-111vintage1999
440,000yen(1999 release)

The Integrated Amplifier which will revive an original charm which passed AU-111 which concentrated all the technologies that it can have as thermionic-tube amplifier of the SANSUI end, and was developed for 34 years, and which it has as it is in 1999.
Although namings differ, in order to leave the charm of an original model, the LOGO of AU-111 as that time with same front part of the front panel is inherited.

It reexamines further by the viewpoint in the time of reproduction, and the correspondence is aimed at in the newest source.

The specification of an output transformer of those days and the engineer engaged in its design and fabrication are called on and guessed,SW (super wide) type output transformer of a mass output called a large-sized core (30Hz/50W consecutive output is guaranteed), a low loss (less than 0.25dB), a super-wide range (20Hz - 100kHz), and a NFB margin (25dB) was revived, and it has adopted.
Since the complicated coil structure is adopted, it has finished manually by the skilled technician.

As a result of a 6L6goal-concept power pipe's coming to hand from the whole world and repeating all testings, the Svetlana brand is used for the power pipe which is a key device, and it is operated by AB and P.P. fixed bias by the 6L6goal-concept push pull.

The circuitry of power amplifier could take sufficient open loop gain, and has adopted the leakage Mullard type which AC balance also tends to set.
12BH7A was used for 6AQ8 [ high ] of the instantaneous power which can operate by a large current to the first rank, and phase inversion, and Hearing impression S/N is gained.
The amplifying circuits of four steps of 12AX7 including a cathode follower are used for control amplifier, all can be constituted from two-step amplification NF amplifier, and the preamplifier of a low-impedance output can also be used independently.

For playback of an analog record, a phone equalizer is considered as the two-step amplification NFB stream composition of 12AX7, and supports man-month cartridge in the thoroughgoing shift.
Moreover, the optional A-603S type input transformer is prepared for MC cartridge at MT9P socket.

The direct wiring by handmade is adopted as an internal wiring like an original model. The tone-quality transition generated because this uses a substrate is prevented.

The large-sized and mass type power transformer of the SANSUI speciality excellent in the regulation is adopted as a power-source part, the high voltage of 480V is taken out according to double voltage current, and the plate of 6L6goal concept is supplied.
Since the high power where the voltage fluctuation was stabilized greatly is not obtained, the screen grid is installing the Brie Tarr resistor, measures a stabilization, and makes Oide power possible.
Moreover, a transition of a tone quality can also be enjoyed by adoption of an attachment-and-detachment type power cable.

Accessories circuitries including the low high light filter of CR feedback scheme, such as a loudness control, a presence control which improves crisp [ of a bass region ], and a tapes monitor, are carried.

In order to correspond to the digital sources, such as SACD and DVD-Audio, six inputs by an all gilding input terminal are carried.

The termination only for gilding corresponding to a speaker impedance (6ohm-8ohm, and 16ohm) is adopted.

Stainless steel material is used for a main chassis so that it can be equal to a tone-quality side or a long-term using.

The oil condenser (No PCB) was begun and the carbon resistor and the tube socket are adopted as parts which maintain an original tone.
Since the oil condenser used especially for coupling has the great influence on a tone quality, it carries the oil condenser like that time by all the coupling.

* The following is the supplementary writeup written in the catalog.

In the SANSUI, in order to pull out capacity more, the WestCoast speaker represented by ALTEC and JBL, the coaxial type speaker represented by TANNOY, the BBC monitor speaker represented by the SPENDOR, etc. were recommended as a combination of a speaker.

The repetition of ON/OFF of a power switch should be forbidden, and when you turn off and switch on a power source, please supply since it waits for at least 30 seconds.
If a power source is switched on immediately, a big electric current will flow and the thermionic tube will be damaged.

Rear The

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Practical use maximum output 45W/45W (8ohm, 16ohm)
Effective output 40W+40W (8ohm, 16ohm)
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-80kHz+0 -3 dB
THD (at the time of an effective output) 0.8% or less (8ohm)
Cross modulation wave distortion 0.8% or less (8ohm)
Dumping factor 15 (8ohm)
Input sensitivity/input impedance
Phono MC High/A-603S: 0.25mV / 30-100ohm
Phono man month: 4.0mV / 100kohm
Tuner, compact disk, Line-1, 2, Tape:250mV /, 300kohm
Power dissipation 210W
Dimensions Width 460x height 197x depth of 433mm
Weight 26.0kg
Option: MC cartridge matching transformer A-603S (one pair, 16,000yen)
Correspondence impedance 30ohm-100ohm