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180,000yen(1975 release)

The stereo Integrated Amplifier which concentrated and developed the audio technology which the SANSUI has cultivated for years.

The whole page hardwired-connection pure complimentary OCL scheme which has a differential-amplification circuitry in the first rank of a power amplifier part was adopted, and the parallel push-pull circuit which combined the pair transistor to which the property was equal to the output stage is adopted.

Two amplifier stream compositions with a difference input circuitry with a dual transistor are used for an equalizer-amplifier part.
All the bands were divided into a high region and low-pass, CR type and NF type rectified each, and the RIAA curve property with little error has been acquired until it reaches a super-high region.
Moreover, the supplying of }2 power source of a high voltage has attained dynamic margin 300mV.

The original triple tone control which applied inside compass is carried in the tone control.
Moreover, it has the tone selector and low-pass and the turnover frequency of a high region are changed.

Leakage magnetic flux has adopted the few and efficient toroidal transformer as a power transformer.
A stabilizing supply strong against load variations, such as a peak period, etc. and the powering conjointly stabilized to each block stage are performed.

The protection network which protects a speaker and a power transistor is built in, and the abnormal temperature detection of an output stage and the direct-current detection of an output-terminal are coping with it combining an electronic circuitry and a relay. Moreover, the ASO detection current limiter circuit was equipped and it has taken all possible measures.

A chassis organization is examined thoroughly, a power part and a power-source part arrange the functionality about operations, such as a preamplifier part and a tone control part, to the front panel side at a back side, each block stage is separated completely, and it is considered as the form which collected simple substance amplifier.
Thereby, the input signal from a side-panel input terminal flowed into the preamplifier, the tone control part, and the power amplifier part by the shortest distance, and the improvement in a property side and the stable operation have been obtained, without receiving an unnecessary interference.

It unites with a cartridge property and three-step switching is possible for an input impedance and Input sensitivity.

A tone circuitry is passed and the tone defeet switchpoint with which the flat frequency characteristic is acquired is carried.

A loudness-level-of-sound set is selectable at 0dB-10dB-20dB.

The tapes play switchpoint and tape-copy switchpoint of two circuitries are carried.

A row / high filter, the tuner priority selector, the muting switch, and the sub- input/output terminal are carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Effective output (both channel operation) 110W+110W (4ohm, 8ohm, 20Hz - 20kHz)
110W+110W (4ohm, 8ohm, 1kHz, and less than THD 0.05%)
THD (Output power) 0.08% or less
Cross modulation distortion (70Hz:7kHz=4:1, SMPTE) 0.08% or less
Frequency characteristic (1 W:00) 10Hz-50kHz+0 -1 dB
Dumping factor 80 (8ohm)
RIAA deflection (30Hz - 15kHz) }0.3dB
Load impedance 4ohm, 8ohm
Channel separation (1kHz) Phono1, 2:55dB or more
Tuner, Aux1, 2, Tape Monitor: 60dB or more
A hum and a noise Phono1, 2:65dB or more
Tuner, Aux1, 2, Tape Monitor: 80dB or more
Input sensitivity/impedance (1kHz) Phono1:2mV, 4mV, 8mV / 30kohm, 50kohm, 100kohm
Tuner, Aux1, 2, Tape Monitor1:130mV/50kohm
Tape Monitor2(Pin/Din):130mV
maximum permissible input (1kHz and less than THD 0.1%) Phono1:1000mV (8mV of Input-sensitivity switchings)
Aux, Tuner:3V
Output voltage Tape rec1(Pin):130mV
Tape rec2(Pin/Din):130mV/30mV
Tone control Bass:}10dB (30Hz)
Midrange:}5dB (1.5kHz)
Treble: }10dB (20kHz)
Tone selector Bass: 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz
Treble: 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz
A low filter - 3dB (20Hz), 12dB / oct
- 3dB (60Hz), 12dB / oct
A high filter - 3dB (7kHz), 6dB / oct
- 3dB (12kHz), 12dB / oct
Power dissipation 240W
Dimensions Width 460x height 160x depth of 375mm
Weight 19.3kg