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148,000yen(around the 1977 time)

The high-class Integrated Amplifier which threw in the newest circuitry technology, a mechanism design technology, and new materials, and attained the outstanding dynamic behavior.

The highly efficient power amplifier part which adopted the parallel push pull output stage and uses a differential-amplification circuitry with a current mirror for an input stage for a three-step Darlington connection etc. again

The unique chassis layout of the block structure

The high-order-accuracy 7 stone stream-composition equalizer part by a dual transistor input

A triple tone control original with an SANSUI

The powerful power-source part of a toroidal power transformer using

A low filter / high filter

The substantial tapes functionality

Tone defeet switchpoint.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo Integrated Amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Effective output 110W+110W (both channel operation, 20Hz - 20kHz, 8ohm)
THD 0.03% or less (at the time of 20Hz - 20kHz, and an Output power)
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - 100kHz (+0-1.5 dB, 1W)
SN ratio 115dB or more (IHF)
Remains noise 200 microvolts (8ohm)
<Pre part>
Phono Input sensitivity 2 4 or 8mV (30, 50, 100kohm)
Phono maximum permissible input 1000mV (Input sensitivity of 8mV)
RIAA deflection ±0.2dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
SN ratio 75dB or more (Phono)
90dB or more (AUX)
THD 0.01% or less (at the time of 20Hz - 20kHz, and 1V output)
Channel separation 60dB or more (Phono, AUX)
Dimensions Width 460x height 176x depth of 407mm
Weight 19.2kg