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27,500yen(around the 1973 time)

The FM/AM tuner which adopted low noise FET as FM front end part

4 steps of IF amplifying circuit is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Antenna impedance 300-ohm equilibrium
75-ohm unbalance
Sensitivity (IHF) 2.2 microvolts
Distortion (400Hz, 100% modulation) mono:0.5%
S/N ratio 65dB
Image stonewalling ratio 60dB
Spurious response 80dB
Intermediate-frequency-jamming ratio 80dB
Capture ratio 3dB
Selectivity 45dB
Separation 35dB(1kHz)
SCA supression ratio 60dB
AM supression ratio 40dB
<AM tuner part>
Sensitivity 25 microvolts (S/N=20dB)
Image stonewalling ratio 50dB(1MHz)
Intermediate-frequency-jamming ratio 50dB(1MHz)
S/N ratio 50dB
The semiconductor used Transistor: 19 pieces
FET: One piece
Diode: Ten pieces
Dimensions Width 350x height 110x depth of 255mm
Weight 3.9kg