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19,500yen(around the 1973 time)

The speaker system completed by the iteration of the severe audition testing on the theme of the high fidelity play.

The roll edge type 25cm cone type Woofer is carried in low-pass.

The 9cm cone type tweeter is carried in the high region.

The enclosure serves as walnut finish.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways and 2 speaker bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 25cm cone type
For high regions: 9cm cone type
Allowable input 40W
Input impedance 8ohm
Frequency characteristic 40Hz - 20kHz
Output sound pressure level 96dB
Cross over frequency 2.5kHz, 6dB / oct
Dimensions Width 350x height 550x depth of 270mm
Weight 12kg