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59,800yen( at the 1970 in-the-late time(?))

The cassette deck which began and appeared as a full-scale model of ROTEL in Japan.

Newly developed SC (sendust core) head is adopted as a head. A sendust composition is what added silicon and aluminum, and magnetic property and an equipment intensity are excellent in malleable iron.

The light emitting diode bar chart peek indicator is carried, and the peek window is performed by light emitting diode. 13 light emitting diodes per right-and-left each channel are using it, and carry out digital display even of -21dB - the +6dB.

The queue / review functionality is carried. If fast forward and rewinding are pushed during a tapes play, a tapes will be fast forwarded / rewound only in the meantime, and a play will be again continued from the time point of lifting a finger.

The memory functionality is carried.
If a memory switchpoint is pushed and a tape counter is set during a sound recording or a play in a favorite place 000, a tapes will stop automatically in the location of 999 in the case of rewinding.

The REC MUTE functionality is carried.

The bias and the equalizer carry the tapes selector which can be switched independently three steps, respectively.
Moreover, the bias ajustment functionality is carried and a fine tune is possible to 80 more% - 120% by the normal position of a bias.

The MPX filter is carried. A 19kHz pilot signal and a 38kHz carrier signal are removable in ON location.

The Dolby circuitry which reduces a tape hiss peculiar to a tapes is built in. In RD-2200, Dolby IC is adopted and secular change are prevented.

The full-auto stop organization is adopted. In a sound recording / play / fast forward / rewinding, a tapes end is detected at the time of an end-of-tape, an auto stop works, and a tapes run stops.

Adoption of a fly-wheel dumping scheme has realized the smooth operation of a cassette holder.

The indicator-off switchpoint is carried.

The headphone jack with a level control is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Head Recording play: SC head
Erasure: Double gap ferrite core
Wow and flutter 0.05%(WRMS)
Frequency characteristic (MPX OFF) Normal / LH tapes: 30Hz-17kHz}3dB
CrO2/Fe Cr tape: 30Hz-19kHz}3dB
SN ratio
(Fe Cr tape)
Dolby in: 64dB (1kHz, 0VU)
Dolby out: 56dB (1kHz, 0VU)
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.4mV / 20kohm
Line(RCA): 140mV / 50kohm
Line(DIN): 10mV / 10kohm
Output voltage Line(RCA/DIN):980mV
Motor EG and a DC motor
Fast forward and a rewind time 90 seconds (C-60)
Dimensions The width 482x height 150x depth of 260mm
Weight 9kg