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54,800yen( at the 1970 in-the-late time(?))

The stereo octave equalizer in which a fine sound field modification and a compass correction are possible.

The resonance circuit (ILAR) of a transistor, a capacitor, and the semiconductor by resistor is adopted as an equalizer circuitry. Thereby, compared with the circuitry of a coil using, the influence from the outside could be suppressed small and aggravation of S/N by an electromagnetic-induction hum etc. is prevented.
In RE-2000, the coupling capacitor of an input is lost by adopting FET as the first rank, a metallized film capacitor is adopted as the coupling capacitor of an output, and the improvement in a tone quality is aimed at.

A power circuit is considered as the stream composition of a demand-limiter circuitry and an AMP type voltage stabilizer, and it makes source impedance low while improving a ripple supression ratio. This has improved the distortion and the crosstalk.

It is divided into ten bands by the right-and-left independency, and a slide system volume can adjust in ±12dB.

Two tape decks are connectable. Moreover, it can dub to 1 ->2/2 ->1, and mutual by switchpoint operation.
Moreover, the using over which an equalizer is covered is possible for any mode of a play, a sound recording, and dubbing. Moreover, since the dubbing switchpoint and the monitor switchpoint are the independent scheme, they can monitor both signals by turns by switchpoint operation also during dubbing.

The equalizer change-over switch is carried.
By a Normal position, an equalizer is applied only to a play. Moreover, by a Bypass position, between input / output terminations is linked directly, and an equalizer circuitry is jumped. Both dubbing and a Source-> sound recording are recorded by an EQ REC position, covering an equalizer.

* The hardwired connection in the power amplifier which does not attach a volume is not recommended.


Rating of a mode
Form Octave equalizer
Channel Two channels (Left, Right)
Band 10 bands / ch
Band control property ±12dB
Center frequency 32, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance 0.775V/56kohm
An Output power/impedance 0.775V/600 ohm
S/N ratio (IHF-A network) 100dB
Remains noise 0.08mV
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-100kHz+0 -1 dB
THD 0.005%
Dimensions Width 482x height 143x depth of 328mm
Weight 6.3kg