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A mini-monitor speaker system developed for monitors.

The unit is equipped with a 12 cm cone type unit.

The cabinet is made from carefully selected oak trees grown in North Carolina.
In addition, the cabinet is assembled using a traditional Japanese architectural method called "Sane-tsugi," and without using screws or nails, it is assembled tightly by applying pressure.
Also, thick foam plastic is cut into squares for the net.

The input terminal is equipped with an EQ terminal. With two positive sides of the input terminal, you can use it with or without the equalizer.
By removing the equalizer, which is adjusted so that the playback frequency response is as flat as possible with a sound music balance, it becomes a kind of ambience control and is designed to increase the efficiency by 4 dB in the mid-range, thereby achieving more precise control of the response.

Model Rating
Method 1-Way, 1-Speaker, Airtight Type, Bookshelf Type
Units Used For all bands : 12 cm cone type
Frequency characteristic EQ in : 85 Hz to 16 kHz
EQ out : 95 Hz to 13 kHz
Efficiency EQ in:89.5dB
EQ out:91dB
Input EQ in : 25W continuous, 250W peak
EQ out : 15W continuous, 150W peak
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
External dimensions Width 165x Height 165x Depth 135 mm
Weight 1.9kg