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PROCEED PMDT 980,000yen(around the 2000 time)

DVD transport which adopted the modular construction.

The modular construction of a slot incurred type is adopted as a rear panel, and it corresponds to the format of various voice outputs or an image output by extension of an extension module. Moreover, while also modularizing a letter and/or symbol board, the feature expansion and version-up of built-in control software are also possible by carrying a computer communications functionality.
This has acquired the extensibility in which dts, a soft play of 96kHz/24bit high bit high sampling, and the correspondence to a DVD-Audio are possible.

The mechanism of an advanced design is adopted as a transport mechanism, and the combination of aluminum die-casting molding highly precise mecha-bench of Original Engineering Consult. and a tray has realized exact and stable reading.

The technology of business-use visual equipment level, such as a dual clock system which is proud of an oversampling video-system digital analog converter or a high clock precision, is supplied to the picture signal treatment part.

The power-source part which became independent, respectively is carried in the actuator of transport which differs in an operational mode, and the servo part. Moreover, the cross interferencee resulting from a power source is eliminated by also equipping a picture-signal system and an audio signal system with the power-source part which became independent respectively, and also adopting the local regulation scheme for every circuitry.

At the time of a play of DVD software, the custom-made memory functionality to memorize the setups which the user performed in menu panel on a main unit according to each software is carried. Thereby, once it sets up voice, a title, screen size, etc., you can enjoy yourself by the same setups only by pushing a play button at any time.
In this functionality, even if it performs a full setups of the play chapter selection to 99 tracks etc., the setups intelligence on the disk for a maximum of 2,000 sheets is memorizable.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Internal Attached

Rating of a mode
Form DVD transport
Video output Composite (75ohm BNC)
Component (75ohm BNC) x3
Digital-audio output XLR (AES/EBU 110ohm and 3.5V)
BNC (SPDIF 75ohm, 0.5V)
RCA (SPDIF 75ohm, 0.5V)
Dimensions Width 448x height 127x depth of 367mm
Weight 12.7kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control