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PROCEED PCD 480,000yen(1990 release)

The more excellent tone quality and the compact disk player which pursued the high robustness.

The interior is roughly divided and is constituted by each part of a transport part, a power-source part, a decoder part, the digital analog converter - the analog output part, and the display-device control part. These circuit boards kept respectively sufficient space character in order to eliminate the cross interferencee between each element and each circuitry leading to a tone-quality failure, and since it moreover adjoins, they give and arrange the angle of 90 degrees.
Moreover, since these substrates serve as a plug-in synopsis, upgrade of a updation by switching of a circuit board unit of measure is possible for them.

The internal structure of PCD is the firm frame structure using aluminum drawing-out material focusing on the transport mechanism. This is based on the same principle as the technique used by building construction, and does not produce a vibration to a low oscillation to a high oscillation of a frequency, but is working effective in a vibration suppression.
Moreover, in order to prevent a store recording of static electricity, the conductive coating and the 防錆 treatment are performed to the interior of the cabinet of PCD including frame structure.

CDM1MKII of a Philips company is adopted as a transport mechanism.

The Burr-Brown 18-bit monolithic type for highest-class audios is carried as a digital analog converter. Furthermore, in order to suppress a noise and a distorted occurrence to the minimum, turning-on-electricity testing sufficient about each DAC is done, and the detailed MSB coordination in the package status is performed in advance of shipment.

The high precision type of oversampling is adopted as a digital filter 8 times.
The oversampling for avoiding a quatization noise has risk of leading to a failure of the resolution by jitter distortion in too much high order oversampling. So, in PCD, the point which can demonstrate the benefit on a tone quality with a technology of those days to the maximum extent was explored, and oversampling is chosen 8 times.

Each circuitries of PCD including a digital-analog-converter circuitry consist of hybrid systems using the element which kept being chosen in order to realize respectively most desirable performance. Moreover, in order to demonstrate the performance of a part to the maximum extent, in PCD, the turning-on-electricity scheme is always adopted.

The main power switch has secured the operation where each part was stabilized by preparing in the back panel of a main unit and usually using the standby power switch of the front panel.

The know-how in the preamplifier design of Mark Levinson is supplied to the power-source part, and the power circuit which is equal to a high precision measuring instrument is carried. Moreover, in order to prevent beforehand the interference between the circuitries which go via a power-source line, 13 powerings are carried out in all and the regulation which became independent, respectively is performed to 12 of power sources of it. For example, in order that at least an audio-output circuitry may perform a powering independently about each plus or minus of a right-and-left channel, a total of four regulation circuitries are prepared.

Creativity original also with low-impedance-izing of a grounding circuitry and a setups of the optimal grounding point is put.

An output-terminal carries an imbalanced type and a balanced type, and, in one line each and a digital output, analog output carries one coaxial type.

Wireless remote control is attached. With this remote control, all the operations except ON/OFF of a power source and IN/OUT of a disk tray can be performed.

Rear Internal

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-20kHz+0 -0.2 dB
THD 0.004% (1kHz, 0dB)
SN ratio 105dB
Channel separation 120dB
Dynamic range 98dB or more
Output load impedance 1ohm or less
An attached functionality Program memory
TNO/INDEX search
Speed search
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 214x height 227x depth of 337mm
Weight 8.2kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control